Writing Internship Resume

Emphasize your achievements

The fact that you are still a student does not mean that employers are interested only in your education and any relevant experience. You have to show them that you are a capable performer who will help their company achieve ever better results. For this, you need to place a special achievement section at the top of your internship resume.

You need to mention all of the achievements which you have got so far including academic and work-related. Achievements which students can enter include top places in challenges, competitions and academic Olympiads, top performance in classes which are relevant to the respective internship, successful participation in projects and clubs which are relevant to the position and achievements on previously held jobs such as cutting the use of paper in an office by 25%.

Highlight all relevant skills and experience

The ideal internship resume is focused on the particular program that you are applying for. Sit down and ask yourself what skills and qualities the employer looks for exactly. Once you have got the list, you can highlight these in your resume. If you are applying for a job in sales, for instance, you can put customer claim management as a relevant skill. Just remember to back up your statement that you have this skill with a fact. For example, you managed to prevent the return on an expensive product on the job which you held the previous summer.

Demonstrate interest in the industry, job and company

You can do this by including a section devoted to your interests in your internship resume. Instead of writing about your hobbies, you should share interest relevant to the program which you are applying for. If you apply for a position in the financial industry, you can write that you follow the stock indexes and that you read The Wall Street Journal. This will certainly grab the attention of the recruiter. Just make sure that you will check out the indexes and read the paper on the day of your interview.

Do not manipulate the truth

It is not uncommon for students who traditionally have little work experience to use tricks for making their previous jobs appear more important than they actually work. This is a huge mistake which you must avoid at all costs. Honesty is the primary quality valued by employers and you would not want them to believe that you do not have it. At the same time, you have to know that every bit counts when it comes to evaluating internship applicants. Employers are aware of the fact that they assess students and not people with a career behind their back.