Write Winning CV Cover Letter

Tips and Advice

Your cover letter is your sales pitch and is your chance to sell yourself and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Your presentation here is critical. It is the first impression the employer will get of you so make sure you grammar and spelling are correct and the it is laid out in a neat and tidy format.

This is a good chance to briefly outline why you would be good for the role and add some achievements relevant to the role you are applying for. Always take your time when writing your cover. Make sure your cover letter is not too long and don’t start rambling as an employer may have many CVs to read

Have you written your cover letter in the most succinct way possible? Read over your cover letter a number of times and make sure you have answered everything in the job description you are applying for.

Structuring your letter

First paragraph: Introduce yourself to the reader and let them know why you are interested and applying for the position. Explain to then why you would be good for the job and how any of your previous experience will help in the position.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph talk about your qualifications and how they are relevant for the role that you are applying for. Maybe mention how these qualifications have helped you in previous role. Make sure these examples are specific to the job you are applying for.

Third paragraph: This is where you sign off and always tell the reader that if they need any further information to please contact you. You should let them know when you are available for a phone or face to face interview. Always thank them for their time and that you hope to hear from them in the near future. Always formally sign off your cover letter and then type your name.