Working As Loan Officer

A Loan Officer’s Work Environment

As an officer, you’ll work primarily indoors at a bank or other lending institution. You will most likely have your own office where you can meet with prospective customers or those who have a loan with your bank. Most work a standard workweek, although some may be required to work on Saturday (most banks are closed on Sunday). While most of these jobs do work directly with the public, some mortgage broker jobs and high-level loan officer positions do not. These positions usually deal with the very large loans. Officers spend a lot of time using computers, so some computer skills are required.

Job Duties

These job duties mainly include working with customers to determine what type of loans they qualify for. They will interview the customer, evaluate the information given, and decide if the customer qualifies for a loan or not. In some cases, they will also make the final decision; in other cases, he or she will present the information to another officer and make a recommendation. Their will also work with customers who want to refinance or who need help making payment arrangements.


While a loan officer may deal with many types of loans, most prefer to specialize. Mortgage brokers deal only with home mortgages, while commercial brokers handle only business loans.