Use Career Journaling

Doubt, fear and negative self-talk can ruin your career as well as your personal relationships? In light of this, I recommend starting a career journal. A career journal is similar to a personal diary. It is important that you to keep a detailed record of all things affecting your career. Having a career journal will allow you to design your career your own way. Writing in your career journal will give you more determination and enthusiasm for your chosen career path. Journaling literally allows you to create your own reality and opportunities for advancement.

By frequently writing your views and inner thoughts concerning your chosen career path, you’ll look much deeper to find what’s truly taking place inside of you. Whenever you examine your most sincere and raw feelings on paper, the true issues concerning your situation will ultimately appear. The choices which are not clear right now, can quickly become obvious when journaling. You will notice that your arbitrary and disconnected thought processes will reveal insights into the various types of behaviours that you exhibit. These observations will arise within your words and phrases.

On a regular basis, re-write and modify your ideal career goals. You’re a proactive leader of your own destiny now. You are free to choose precisely what you would like to do, and determine how much you need to be compensated for it. So be daring and create your career outline. Then as your career begins to advance, keep fine-tuning your goals to ensure that you’re on the right track. Examine them frequently to gain inspiration. This inspiration is actually the fuel you need to fan the internal flames of fire within you so you will endeavor to keep trying.

It is important for you to place time restrictions on yourself and to create some boundaries by establishing set minimums for your writing times. Try writing once a week for 15 min.-30 min. without any editing. If 15 min.-30 min. appears too daunting then set a timer for short 5 min. increments. Practice every day until it becomes a habit for you. Eventually, you will get to the point where you will want to write in your journal for longer periods of time.

Actually contemplating a subject or problem that you experienced can help you gain knowledge of yourself and facilitate greater personal growth. When journaling think about the various issues that you are facing at present, your ordeals and any disturbing emotions that you are feeling. As you write reflect upon your life and what you’ve learned. Then begin to apply these lessons.