Use An Agency To Recruit

By using a recruitment agency, your job advertisements can be much more targeted, and you will not have to spend time going through unsuitable applications.

After all, a recruitment agency will likely already have access to a wide range of highly skilled potential candidates. They will be able to send candidates that are already registered with them directly to you, if they have the skills that match your requirements.

They will also be able to target advertisements to your desired audience. They will know the publications that have got the most skilled candidates in the past, and which won’t.

They will also be able to save you time by weeding out the unsuitable applications for you, ensuring that you only get the cream of the crop.

But agencies can do a lot more than getting your job vacancy in front of the right people and going through applications for you.

They can help you with your interview technique. After all, being an interviewer can be just as nerve wracking as being an interviewee.

A recruitment agency will be able to highlight the sort of questions you should ask during an interview, make sure you know what to look for, and certain techniques such as behavioural questions and competency based questions.

Also, for small businesses, space is a premium. You may simply not have the space in your office to carry out interviews.

Many recruitment agencies will be able to provide meeting rooms and other space, so you can carry out interviews in suitable premises. This is especially useful if you need large spaces, perhaps if you want to carry out a group interview, to see how potential candidates interact with others or work in a team.

Working with a recruitment agency can make life much easier when you are looking to fill vacancies. The agency can find the candidates with the skills you need, make sure that you do not waste time looking at unsuitable applications and even provide facilities for interviews.

All of this can help you find the staff you need.