Types Employment Agencies

Employment agencies have tie-ups with companies and individuals in need of workers. Rather than you having to find a suitable opening they do it for you. The commission isn’t too high and you’re guaranteed a chance at securing a job. The only work on your part is to get through the interview and make a name for yourself in the field.

An employment agency works with companies through various ways. They also cater to different areas of need. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a part-time job but all the openings you’ve seen so far are for permanent positions. A temp agency will be able to connect you to a company looking for part-timers in exchange for a fee paid by the client company. Whether you want to stick with the job is up to you but you’re shown a path to several temporary job positions.

A traditional employment agency is what we’re most familiar with. They advertise positions open in different fields along with required qualification and experience. You submit your resume which is then checked against the openings. If it’s a match you’re contacted, if not, you wait. Employment agencies shouldn’t charge job seekers and those that do are dubious. Remember, they’re paid by client companies, not you.

Contingency-based agencies are a third type and typically cater to low and mid-level positions. They’re similar to traditional agencies but only get paid if the job seeker is hired by the employer. As such, numerous resumes are sent to the client company to increase the chance of finding a successful match.

Retained search agencies and niche recruitment agencies are a couple of other types of employment agencies. Retained search looks for people able to fill senior-level positions. Since the number of qualified candidates is usually quite low, the agency is paid irrespective of whether the job seeker is hired. Client companies also shell out a percentage of the job seeker’s salary though this isn’t always the case.

With niche recruitment, agencies seek only those candidates who fit highly skilled positions in specific industries. Since the job position and nature of the work is so specialized and the number of qualified candidates so low, niche recruitment agencies are paid more than others as are the candidates themselves.

It’s not always necessary to use the services of an employment agency. Adverts do the job pretty well as does word-of-mouth. However, if there’s a certain position you want, a specific industry you’re targeting or you don’t like the hassle of searching for work on your own, an agency can help. It’ll drastically cut down the time taken to find openings for you while you hone your job skills.