Traineeship Scenario

Most of the individuals are beginning their career with apprenticeship or traineeships in the particular trade in which they would like to make their career. For instance, people with the objective of becoming an electrician can take up electrician apprenticeship. Likewise, people planning for a future as plumber can take up apprenticeship in this field. While jobs in most of the trades begin with an apprenticeship there are some trades, where people can begin their career with traineeship. This includes fields like information technology, financial services, accounts administration, property services, business administration, etc…

When it comes to apprenticeships, you will be guaranteed with a job at least immediately after the completion of the period of program. When it comes to traineeship, both the employee and employer has to be registered with the NSW Department of Education and Training shortly called as DET.

Under apprenticeship, the individual will be paid an award pay for that industry and the employer is required to provide the individual with the right kind of platform in the workplace for enabling him to gain some valuable experience in different aspects of trade. Also, the individual should be provided with the permission to take up instructional courses, while he should still be paid. In addition, the employer should provide a safe environment for working that is free from any form of harassment.

When it comes to traineeship jobs, the period might vary and it would generally be somewhere between 12 months and two years. The terms of training is generally decided by the State Training Services and it is also dependent on the type of certificate and qualification level. The trainees are at liberty to take the instruction either in full-time or in part-time basis, besides attending their regular colleges or schools.