Telecom Job Search

Create a Blog

You may think that blogging is only for people seeking writing jobs, but regardless of what kind of job you are after, blogging is an excellent way for you to get noticed. Start a blog and write on subjects you are knowledgeable about. Over time, you will be able to accumulate an impressive collection of work that can be a resource for other. When you start applying, you can also use your blog as a means for your potential employer to get to know you more. It may be a simple blog, but all the hard work you put into it will impression potential employers.

Take Advantage of Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook is new to the scene in terms of jobseeking. Nowadays, you will hear stories of people getting hired via Facebook and other social networking sites so it only makes sense that you also take advantage of this technology. You can join professional networks that can help you find a job, or at least use the media to get the word out that you are job hunting.

Twitter is also an excellent networking site where you can twit about your job hunt. Believe it or not, many employers today use twitter to look for potential applicants. Use your twits to connect employers to your blog or other pages where your online portfolio is found.

Join a Virtual Career Fair

Virtual career fair is another growing trend used by many employers today looking for a cost-effective way to get new hires. It removes geographical obstacles and gives more opportunities for high-quality talents and tech-savvy applicants to secure jobs in telecom and IT industries.