Prepare For Your Interview

Prepare your documents

Ensure that your CV is updated with all your current details. You should also own a folder which holds all your academic certificates, CV and other work documents neatly. By bringing all the relevant documents in an interview, an employer gains confidence in your abilities since there is proof. Carrying your documents also portrays you as professional and well organised.


Interview questions are always the same; tell me about yourself, what are your past achievements, what is your career goal and so on. You should draw a list of the questions you are most likely to be asked and go over your answers with a friend. Practice giving great answers and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. By the time you get to the interview, you should speak confidently and effortlessly.

Appearance Matters

When you first meet someone you do not know, your first impression is always based on their appearance. Employers will also do the same and hence the reason you need to dress smart. Your hair should be well groomed, clothes well ironed and the shoes should be polished. When you’re dressed sharply, you also boost your confidence.

Time Management

The night before the interview ensure you have your day planned out to avoid being late for your interview. Ideally you should be at the interview venue 15 minutes before the allocated time. This gives you time to gather your thoughts and go through your CV.