Pointers Women Professionals

The field of Career Advice For Women is flourishing. In fact, there is so much advice available to career-minded women that it is easy to get lost in the sea of information. Many businesswomen use the services of mentors – advisers who are experts in the woman’s chosen field- but perhaps some of the best advice comes from other successful businesswomen, many of whom are only too happy to share their experiences and conclusions. Snippets of information garnered from informal interviews with such women can be illuminating, and sometime surprising.

Personal time and family time are examples of the latter. Many women as well as some men believe that the way to stand out among their colleagues is to out-perform them – working harder, longer hours for example. This belief has manifested itself to the point that some people spend virtually every waking minute working and even deprive themselves of needed sleep in some cases. A schedule of this sort leaves no time for introspection, relaxation, fun or family, and soon causes damage to personal relationships. Not only that, but there is nothing to show that women in the workplace are more appreciated or advance more quickly as a result of such fervent dedication. Perhaps it is good to remind ourselves why we went to work in the first place. Both personal time and family time are essential to good mental and emotional balance, and should be scheduled along with everything else, even if it is necessary to set an appointment for such pursuits and stick to it.

Other words of wisdom also apply equally well to women and men: maintain your focus, get organized and realize that it is going to take a lot of plain old hard work to achieve your goals. Women in particular are vulnerable to taking criticism personally; perhaps because they are accustomed to being criticized for being working women. Avoid this, and know that obstacles along the way are not conclusive disasters. Napoleon Hill believed that every setback carries with it the seed of an equal advantage. We all just need to do our homework well and realise that all well-intended advice is not equally valuable.