Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

There is a range of job opportunities for those looking to work on the oil rigs. Jobs on offshore oil rigs are likely to consist of rig management and drilling to the electrical and mechanical engineers for maintaining the operation of the entire platform. Other workers on the rig are likely to include the catering team, mud engineer, rig training and safety coordinator, medic, radio operator, and rig welders.

In order to start a career in the oil industry, it is important that the potential recruit for the oil rig is able to display the required criteria relating to interests, education, experience, age, and health. A great physical condition is certain to be a requirement of these jobs. An ability to fully pass a medical exam is also likely to be a requirement. Even though the average workers on the offshore rigs are in the region of 25 to 27 years of age, it is still possible to apply for the position of a drilling contractor at the age of 18. Having prior experience is likely to highly beneficial to help in gaining the better positions, but it is still possible to start without gaining prior experience.

In order to provide comfort for the workers on the offshore oil rigs they are offered a range of home comforts, which can include a well equipped gym, Internet access in the private quarters, excellent living facilities, and a lot of entertainment facilities.

All in all, if you are looking at the availability of the entry-level positions for working on the oil rigs, you will certainly find a wide range of opportunities for starting a career in this very interesting industry.