Get a Job With Facebook

Let’s see how you can use Facebook to get hired:

  • Clean up your profile

Remove tags of inappropriate pictures, change your privacy settings and remove religious and political opinions. Your future employer doesn’t need to know which way you vote or your personal beliefs.

You need to create or modify your profile to convey a professional tone and manner.

  • Network with key people

It’s safe to assume that your colleagues and business partners are on Facebook too. Also, recruiters and possible new employers will be on Facebook too. This gives you the opportunity to network with whoever is hiring at the moment.

Hiring Managers are used to get contacted via LinkedIn, so using Facebook could actually help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Join and get active in Facebook groups

The Facebook groups works just like LinkedIn groups, a place where you can discuss and post news about a specific topic. You can add value to the group by starting discussions, posting links and other resources to the wall. The goal is to network with and get noticed by key people in your industry!

  • Follow companies you want to work at

Over 80 percent of employees use social media to find candidates. You just have to search for the companies you would like to work for and like their Facebook Fan pages. Once you like the page, you will receive news and status updates about the company directly in your news stream.

In early June, one friend who worked as a designer got laid off from his job at an advertising company. So he began his quest in finding jobs online, by searching job sites for designer positions. Two weeks pasted with no prospects. So, one day, he posted a Facebook status update asking his friends if they know someone who’s searching for a web designer. In the next 10 minutes he got four replies from friends willing to help him! Within 3 weeks he got a new job.