Cover Letter Format

Since most people are now sending in their job application packets via email and through company software programs, many people make the mistake of not printing out their letters prior to sending them in.

People usually take a canned, generic resume of themselves and an equally generic introduction letter and send it in to multiple companies in hopes of getting a response.

Here is a better idea: Write a detailed, targeted cover letter and send it out to the company. But, do not stop there! After about 5 days, go ahead and send out a second copy of the letter!

You would be surprised how few people take the time to think about sending in a follow up letter asking for the job interview. Anyone who has experience in sales will tell you that the key to success is to follow up with your prospects.

And the job search is no different. When it comes to job interviews, the most successful people take the time to focus on their cover letter format as well as send in the follow up letter. Doing this one simple step will mathematically double your interview chances!

Imagine that you are the hiring manager for the company at which you are applying. You might receive a minimum of 10-20 resumes and cover letters on the first few days of posting the job.

Then, on the next few days if you happen to see a follow-up cover letter from an applicant saying how impressed they are with the company and would absolutely love an interview, you probably are going to take note and look at their credentials even further.

Now let’s go back to setting up your follow up cover letter format: First, place a small opening paragraph at the beginning of the page expressing that you are “following up,” and that you are still interested in gaining an interview.

That’s it! Utilizing a second cover letter will literally double your chances at gaining the interview.