Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

  • Don’t use a job description that doesn’t reflect reality: It is very common for HR Managers to recycle the job descriptions. This leads to usage of words or phrases to describe a position that is no longer relevant to the current role. This paves way for hiring a person who may be perfectly fit for the description but not the actual vacancy!

Our suggestion is to ask the outgoing employee (if you are hiring a replacement) or the coworkers to describe what the job involves or how the responsibilities have changed over a period of time. It becomes easier for you to revise the old job description and make it relevant to the actual job position.

  • Skills and experience may not be mutually exclusive but they are different: Mismatched skills is the leading reason for failed hiring. This occurs if the hiring manager fails to ask for sufficient details or if a job candidate misrepresents his or her skills.

The best way to find out whether the candidate actually has the skills as described in the portfolio is by asking them to describe how their work experiences have helped them build or acquire their skills. If the answer is unsatisfactory, press a little more by asking questions like, “How did you use this skill to handle that situation?” until you get a reasonable answer.

  • Give importance to the initial phone evaluation: Sometimes, due to your busy schedule you may be tempted to rush through the hiring process and move directly to in-person interviews. Trouble is, you end up lengthening the process by meeting with applicants who are not as feasible as they appear to be through their resume.

We suggest that you always conducting a telephonic interview with your best shortlists and use a standardized interview script. This can assist you to learn more about their work experience and professional accomplishments. Notice how they respond to your queries. Do you feel the candidate is able to articulate everything in detail? Using the pre-screening phone interview, aim to cut down your list to half-dozen (or fewer) candidates.