Accounting Interns

Take Notes When Your Senior is Giving Instructions

This simple job will help your relationship with your senior start well. You will receive an assignment on the first day and it is fundamental you understand the task and take notes as the senior gives you your assignment. If you’re unclear about any of these instructions, do not hesitate to ask. Seniors become frustrated when interns or staffers act like they understand the concept when they do not in reality.

Be Happy About Every Task

As an intern, you could not always enjoy the project you are doing, yet it’s best not to make this dissatisfaction known. Be happy about every project your receive. While a job may appear worthless, it goes far in assisting the group to complete the assignment and keeps everyone’s levels of stress low.

Ask Good Questions

While you are working on your excel spreadsheet or other document, do not ask a problem to your senior every time you have difficulty. Before asking a question, really think about it, decide if there is something from last year that will aid you, or see if one thing you were taught in intern training will help you answer it. If you happen to be still puzzled following this, you can approach your senior about the issue, but be sure to ask the question in a manner that shows you have thought about it.

Take Your Questions to Other Members of Your Team

Expanding upon the previous advice, it’s an intelligent idea to attempt to divert some of your questions away from your senior by asking them to other members of the team. More than likely they worked on the same work paper the previous year and are capable of addressing your concerns. Also, I was more comfortable asking the staffers the easier, more standard questions that developed. Superiors really appreciate this move by interns as it will help to cut down on their already substantial workload.

Take on the Challenge of Talking with the Client

I was lucky to be assigned on projects throughout my internship that gave me the chance to meet with the client. A few times I was in meetings with the client regarding the project I was working on at the time. For anyone who is lucky to find this opportunity, accept it. You could be scared (I was), however it is a very good opportunity for you because it requires you to learn more. If you are not able to have a face-to-face discussion with the client, talk with your senior to see if you can sit in on the discussions they have with the client. Show your desire to see what it is like to meet with a client.