About Job Search Etiquette

Most of what he knows now may be products of previous attempts that may have either worked or failed. Experience is indeed the best teacher for when something apparently works, you tend to keep doing it; while if something does not work, then obviously you do not repeat it anymore.

However, for those who are new to the application process, you cannot afford to go through a trial and error process. It might just cost you your dream job if you try things that are not conventional. While being “yourself” does work for a lot of people, you may not be aware of some seemingly normal things that you are not supposed to do on a particular setting. Some may be too obvious to even expound, but it is the littlest detail that may make or break your application.

Make the best first impression. 

To start with, prepare for the interview by employing power dressing. Look the part of being professional. Have a crisp suit, clean and shiny shoes, and a pleasing appearance. Keep calm and collected and be confident in your ways. Carry yourself with finesse and grace and project a businesslike appeal. Choose your words carefully, and be respectful but firm in your answers.

Read about the company.

It will be a total blunder if you were asked something so basic about the company you are applying for and you have nothing to answer about it. Do your research beforehand and arm yourself with the knowledge you need about the company you are applying for. You will be happy you did. After all, it is better to be prepared than to look like a joke when you aren’t able to answer a very simple question about the job you are applying for.

Remember the value of time.

Be punctual for your interview and make sure not to keep your interviewer waiting until you are ready. Punctuality in this context goes beyond the interview proper. It also involves being considerate in responding to requests for references. Follow through with your promises on dates that you have committed to submit tasks. Also, when you are left with time in your hands to come up with a decision on an agreement that requires you to think it over, be considerate with the amount of time being given to you and respond to it promptly. Do not leave them hanging. If you are uninterested, do not waste their time further and tell them the truth.