Working With a Difficult Customer

Avoid Trying to Prove Yourself Right

I noticed that Roy was upset, so I took the path of least resistance. I was aware that the problem rested with both of us, but this is not the time to find fault. As a project manager, my job was to solve the problem, and not to escalate the issue.

As we agreed, Roy and I talked a couple days after the issue was resolved, and he apologized for his unprofessional approach. He mentioned that the CEO was concerned about the missed deadline, and he was under tremendous pressure to get the work done. He admitted that failure to provide the content to us was the reason we were late.

Don’t be Afraid to Fire Unruly Customers

While building customer accounts is important to any business, we must be prepared to fire those individuals (or companies) that are unbearable. Once we deliver the

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Human Resources for Office Managers

If you manage your team, it means that you will administer the hiring process for your team. This means that an Office Manager will be tasked with hiring for their team.

What does this include?

  • Creating a Job Role (Find an Example of this)
  • Get job role approved by managers and HR.
  • Get approval to hire
  • Follow HR protocol (I.e. Internal hiring first, before approaching recruiters).
  • Liaise with HR over competency questions for the interview.

The relationship with HR is likely to continue once you have found the suitable candidate:

  • Liaise with HR over Job offer and contract details.
  • Liaise with HR during the hiring process with regard to background checks.
  • Agree start dates often through HR.
  • On the first day, you may need to deliver the HR induction. This will include a new starter pack, signing any additional agreement, getting a security ID and even signing up for company
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Ways to Make a Second Income

A position can be gotten quicker if you have some knowledge of computer software. A certificate of skill proficiency is offered by the IVAA or the International Virtual Assistants Association. The duties for a virtual assistant are among others setting appointments, writing, answering email, bookkeeping and data entry.

Another job possibility is known as drop shipping. This is where you work with a distributor of a certain product. It would be your responsibility to do the selling while the distributor gets that product to the customer. This is a great opportunity because you will make money from the products but you don’t have to handle, package or mail them yourself. However, before you can begin a drop shipping business you will need a product platform such as an e-store or a website so that the products can be displayed to customers all over the world. You have the opportunity to … Read the rest

Payroll Outsourcing Companies

The most important benefit of Payroll Outsourcing Companies is that they save time. Outsourcing the process of payrolls is far more efficient for a small business than processing it internally. Leaving the complications of salaries, taxes and reports to the experts frees up a lot of hours that can be utilized for other important aspects of the company. Whether it is the staff time or your time, or a combination, these hours can be spent improving customer service, devising new strategies, fine-tuning business processes, or even launching a new product/service.

Payroll processing companies help in cutting and distributing pay checks, calculating and paying taxes, preparing reports, handling employee inquiries and planning savings. Many business owners, small companies and start-ups underestimate the cost of handling payrolls internally by failing to calculate all the hours spent and resources allocated to handle the pay checks and maintain paperwork reports. An accurate cost assessment

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Online Jobs For College Students


There are several websites that will hire college students for tutoring. There is usually an application process and testing. This is to make sure the applicants are knowledgeable in their chosen subjects and placed at the proper grade level for tutoring.


Many transcription jobs ask for applicants with experience only, but there are some that do not. There is equipment required to get started with this type of work such as a wave pedal and headset. This costs between $50 and $100.

Online Customer Service

This one is not as flexible as the others but if you have your own USB headset, computer, and high-speed internet you are all set. The qualifications for this are minimal and the demand is high.


Companies that do market research will pay for people to test products and/or tell them what they like and dislike. These research companies have age, gender, … Read the rest

Auditing Suppliers and Vendors

Vendor evaluation of vendors which are crucial for your business should be done at least once a year. It does cause harm in evaluating the facilities where they manufacture products which are used by your business. Evaluation or auditing a vendor goes hand in hand with a site audit. You need to audit the vendor location and his products and manufacturing unit to be able to maintain the quality of your products. The type of audits and how many times it should be done depends on the vendor and the kind of services he offers to you. Also how crucial is that vendor and his products for your business.

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Keep Your Employees Happy

According to some studies, the best performance in a company is rendered where the boss is a yelling maniac ad the employees tremble constantly. It seems that fear is a good incentive in the line of work. On the other hand, the most reliable and stable companies have always had an open-minded policy when concerning employees. Treat them as you would your own is the current reminder. You don’t have to actually love them, just make it appear so.

For example: A couple of years ago I had a boss who enjoyed gardening a lot. Everybody knew that. And whenever some guy or girl made a notable deal, meaning rendered good performance, a bowl of carefully selected fresh flowers appeared on his/her desk the next morning. The flowers were selected, cut and arranged by our boss. It was the cheapest incentive one could find that actually worked wonders. The darn

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Challenges of Information Technology Staffing

Keeping IT skills updated

Training is important in every field and so it is in IT. If the technical knowledge of your employees are outdated, then the biggest loser is the business. Companies need to arrange IT training sessions at regular intervals to update its IT workers’ skills and maintain company’s competitive advantage.

If a business has a tight budget and cannot afford IT training, there are other ways they can explore. For example, they can try associating with IT training companies. These companies often offer IT training for executives at discounted rates. A business can also try circulating IT magazines among its IT team members to scale up their IT knowledge. In other words, a CIO must not leave any stone unturned to ensure the growth his company’s IT workers.

Retaining IT professionals

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Important Job Hunting Tips

  • Slow and steady wins the race- while searching for a job, never lose hope and don’t try to rush things. Instead, take your time and make sure that you utilize all your resources, time and effort so that you can find employment in the organization of your choice. When you take your time, you will not miss any minute yet important details. Hence, you will be able to analyze all the options available to you and based on that you can find the job of your choice.
  • Courage is appreciated- no, you will not be required to fight a battle. However, you will need to be courageous and confident so that you can stay ahead of the competition. When you attend an interview, you should be confident so that the employer will be sure that you can handle the responsibilities and pressure associated with the job position. Employers only select
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Physiotherapist Jobs

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that treats various ailments with the help of different physical means such as electrical equipments, exercise, muscle stimulators, SWD machines producing different types of rays such as infra-red rays, UV rays and others. These days, many people are getting the assistance of physiotherapists to follow a healthy lifestyle that is free of any pain. A physiotherapist helps in improving movement dysfunctions and enhances the proper functioning of the human body.

A physiotherapist is an important part of the rehabilitation team that works to minimise any kind of disability among patients. They help people suffering with degenerative disorders such as neurological disorders, arthritis and many sports persons. In this therapy, they make use of massages, heat radiations, tractions, short wave diathermy and hydrotherapy. Physiotherapy is becoming popular among the patients for various factors such as effective results in shorter period of time, cheaper than … Read the rest