Getting Job After School

On your resume, there are certain things that you absolutely need to have on it. For instance, you need your name, address, and references. These are some of the most important parts to your resume. When you make a resume, you will need to know what the basics are for an outstanding one. By applying your experience, skills, and virtues to a resume; you will have a better chance at getting a good job. An employer counts your resume as the first chance that they have to get to know you – so, if you capitalize upon your strengths and your best qualities, you will be more likely to get an interview (and grab the job).

You should always place your strengths as the focal point of your resume – you should make all the points on it focused upon what you do best, what you have achieved, and where

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Land The Job

If this sounds like your current working status, you could be a perfect candidate to partner with employment recruiters for your next career move. Whether you’re currently attempting to wade through the endless masses of dead end job searches, or tired of treading water in a position that simply isn’t suited for you, employment recruiters can help. Not sure if these recruiting experts make sense for your search? Read on to understand some of the critical benefits that partnering with reputable employment recruiters can offer. A professional firm delivers:

Access to hiring experts: Recruiting specialists help candidates find positions they are qualified for as their core business competency. Partnering with a firm will instantly grant you access to an entire team of hiring experts who can help bring your search to the next level. From working with you to refine your resume to highlight your most salient experience, to prepping

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Want To Be A Trucker

Check Your Driving And Criminal Records

Trucking is one industry where a criminal record or a bad traffic record is really a hindrance to employment. In general a felony is the more serious, but even misdemeanor criminal charges, even if they were deferred, can potentially knock you out of any employment possibilities.

Alcohol or drug related charges, even if they are not related to driving, are also a big factor for most companies. This is because of the liability factor that they need to consider when hiring a driver. They may not prevent you from getting a CDL but you just won’t be considered by trucking companies when it comes to getting a job.

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Build a Happy Workforce

Keep an eye on what other companies are doing and try to match their perks. One of the companies I used to work for was a soft drinks manufacturer so every day I got to drink as much soda as I wanted. I even had the chance to take home boxes of the stuff when we over produced.

Many companies today offer everything you need under one roof such as a gym, sauna and dry cleaning. It is enough to help employees get a load off their minds. Some other great perks include casual dress, having a billiards table and even offering flex fridays.

Make Sure They Love Your Company

One of the biggest mistake’s employers make is hiring staff members that do not support the company’s mission and values. Many people are hired solely for their skills and credentials and although very imortant, having a real sense of passion … Read the rest

Ideal Online Jobs for Students

Students desire job opportunities that can provide a versatile schedule, and if the work can be performed remotely it would be even better. Jobs that provide these benefits allows students to assure that their education is their number one priority. In addition, the time required to prepare to go to work would completely be eliminated since the work can be performed at the time and location most convenient for the student. This may seem to be a job that is too good to be true, however, these opportunities have been available for quite sometime without much exposure. Online jobs for students provides these benefits. A few online jobs readily available for college students are outlined below:

  • Paid Survey Jobs
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • Online Tutoring Jobs
  • Call Center Job
  • Document Translation Work
  • Web based Reseller Work opportunities
  • Data Entry Jobs from Home
  • Virtual Assistant Opportunities
  • Subject Matter Expert

The available online

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Working With Recruiter to Find New Job

  • A Great Resource
    Thanks to their in-depth industry knowledge, a recruiter is a fabulous resource to have when you are hunting for a job. Your recruiter can provide you with insights about your field and the opportunities you may want to explore. They can suggest skills you must have or improve on, and when the time comes, they can help you to ensure that you are in the right salary range for the position and industry. Recruiters also help to prepare their candidates ahead of time for their interviews. Your recruitment agent has probably worked with the specific hiring manager for your interview previously, and they know what the company and manager are looking for in their candidates.
  • Individual Attention
    When you are searching the Internet, you are one of several hundred candidates who will see a position and apply. It’s easy for even the best candidates to get lost
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Expressing Gratitude After Interview

Make the Extra Effort

Not saying anything at all out of nervousness can happen, but it is not a good way to leave. And not giving a firm handshake while looking the interviewer in the eye is considered a sign of disrespect and can quickly put an end to all of your hard work leading up to this moment. As soon as possible after the interview has ended, make sure to start writing a follow-up thank you letter.

While email is a convenient way to communicate these days, it is still not considered the most professional way of doing so with potential employers. A good old-fashioned hand-written note will show the interviewer that you care enough about the job to take the time to actually write them a note about it.

Being prompt in your delivery is also important; the recommended timeline for sending the letter is two to three … Read the rest

Hire People Online

Many would assume that the internet offers all the solutions to this problem and in many ways it can help a great deal. Not only are businesses able to quickly attract a wide number of candidates for their positions, but they are also able to quickly and effortlessly weed out candidates they don’t like based on simple factors like a resume inadequacy or criminal record.

In other ways though, the internet can make the hiring process much more complicated than it needs to be. For example, because it’s impossible to know if someone is who they claim to be, or if they would actually be a good fit for the job, many companies and businesses waste time working with candidates they don’t actually want to hire in the long term.

This is why it’s important to go into online hiring with a strategy. Your business needs a way to use

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Get Job Promotion

Choose your timing

Make sure it is the right time to start this conversation. Don’t start it when your boss is frantically busy or stressed out!

Be Marketable

Managers are busy people but they value ideas and creativity and someone who will think ‘outside of the box’. They appreciate an individual who is self-motivated and willing to volunteer for work opportunities that may arise but are outside of their normal job description. It may be useful to assist in the workload of someone in a senior role to yourself in order to demonstrate that you are capable of a similar position, if available.

Be Liked and Admired

Promotions are not just based on merit and experience because office politics can also play a role. It is important to use and develop your people skills. Be helpful to your colleagues: take part in company events, network across the whole company and … Read the rest

Customize Executive Resume

How quickly does someone scan over your resume? Interviewers are looking at your skills and experience, which will alert them to the needs that they are hoping you will fulfill. That takes maybe 20 seconds, tops.

So, what do you need to do? Make it pop! Bold certain words throughout your resume so they pop off the page at someone. You’ve got their attention now, right? An example would be: “have 10 years experience as a Project Manager”. OK, that sentence is just sitting there. But if you use “have 10 years experience and success a Senior Project Manager overseeing new business development oppotunities… “. Much better, right?

Quantifying your achievements is another great way to ensure that your executive value is being communicated in your resume. Did you meet your 2013 sales goals? If so, by how much? Revenue growth? By what percentage? Cost reductions? What system/staffing changes did … Read the rest