Tips for Job Seekers

Before the interview

Do your homework and prepare for an interview. Most companies and employers expect candidates to have a somewhat strong idea of what the company does and the role of the job position to achieve the desired goals. Always keep in mind that you are competing with other candidates that have also gone through the same filters as you did. Research the company, its mission and vision. This will help you determine what type of candidate they are looking for. Some companies or positions demand proactive, creative or inquiring profiles, while other work better with disciplined and ordered people.

Nowadays, most companies plan and develop behavioral interviews. This human resources trend focuses on searching for the candidate’s personal abilities and attitudes rather than knowledge. Most companies understand that information can be acquired and gathered easily, but abilities are harder to harvest. Typical questions of a behavioral interview include

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Career in Information Systems

The MIS Degree is the best option when it comes to combining computer science and business administration. There are many colleges in the United States that offer programs that teach students how to design, construct, analyze, implement, and evaluate information systems that are meant to improve business efficiency, employee productivity, and executive decision-making. These programs commonly offer courses in computer programming, database management, finance, marketing, and much more.

Large and small businesses around the world have discovered that in order to survive in an increasingly complex business environment, they must adopt efficient and effective business practices. Corporate executives and small business owners have begun to increase their efforts to identify business inefficiencies and find ways to eliminate or reduce waste and error. As a result of these efforts, computer systems have emerged to improve transactional processing, supply chain management, enterprise management, and many other aspects of business operation.

MIS Degree

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Make Selection of Training Institutes

There are many institutions which offer such safety training services to the people. When you are making the selection of the institute, check for the reputation of the institute. This is important as or else you will be wasting the money on a not so good institute. They also will not be able to teach the students well. Hence one can check with the older clients and also online for reports on the services that they offer to the people. This will enrich their knowledge considerably.

The next thing to check in institutes which offers inspection services to the people is for the people who will be imparting the education. This is of prime interest as they must have a good idea of what they will be teaching so that they will be enriching the knowledge of the students. One can check the website of the company and also the … Read the rest

Careers in Banking and Finance

Large investment banks are usually divided into two main areas: corporate finance or investment banking and sales & marketing with trading. Careers in banking and finance in an investment bank usually involves capital raising, debt and equity, mergers and acquisitions, services involving financial advisories and in some areas activities concerning merchant banking. Within the sales and trading division an employee might be engaged in analysis and research, distribution and brokerage of trading securities amongst other such activities. It is important to know the difference between the numerous functionalities within an investment bank during your quest for the right career path in banking and finance.

If you are a young graduate who has just passed out from a management school or college, you might want to enroll in a specific training program or banking internship that will provide you the valuable opportunity of gaining an understanding of what a financial institution … Read the rest

Extra Income As a Working Mom

Just keep in mind that you have to be careful when considering making extra income online and to make money you should never be asked for money. Working moms should also consider what kind of work they want to do as there is much to consider. Among the online opportunities are affiliate marketing, blogging, freelance writing and paid surveys. Every job opportunity has its good sides and bad and women should look to choose jobs that they will feel comfortable doing or jobs which they have some skill in. If you are considering working for a research company you should first get to know everything there is to know about the company and choose on which has great reviews and testimonials from other people who have worked for them.

Before committing to anything make sure that you read all the fine print and know all the rules. There are many

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Career Change Resume

  • Avoid making quick cosmetic¬†changes to your resume just to get back out there, especially if you are switching gears. Your readers will see through it quickly. You’ll need to work harder to persuade them that you are a viable candidate. Consider too, that the potential employer also has a short attention span and is looking for reasons to disqualify you quickly.
  • Decide which fields you want to work in.¬†As a former English teacher, you may want to work as an editor. If you were an airline stewardess, for example, perhaps you are looking for a job in customer service. As a technical writer, you may want to switch to instructional design.
  • Get job descriptions for your new desired position. Before writing your career change resume, check some of the postings in such job banks as In Canada where I live we have something the NOC guide
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Writing Internship Resume

Emphasize your achievements

The fact that you are still a student does not mean that employers are interested only in your education and any relevant experience. You have to show them that you are a capable performer who will help their company achieve ever better results. For this, you need to place a special achievement section at the top of your internship resume.

You need to mention all of the achievements which you have got so far including academic and work-related. Achievements which students can enter include top places in challenges, competitions and academic Olympiads, top performance in classes which are relevant to the respective internship, successful participation in projects and clubs which are relevant to the position and achievements on previously held jobs such as cutting the use of paper in an office by 25%.

Highlight all relevant skills and experience

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Video Resume

With the help of this amazing digital tool (Video Resume), the candidate gets another benefit of having video CV, as they can easily forward this video pitch to plenty of hiring managers or it can be posted over several social sharing platforms or the link can get shared over them like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other emerging social media sites to get noticed.

Now, one can actually judge how much they can get the benefitted from this amazing digital tool. However, the question to ask is what exactly needs to address in this Video pitch in order to convince the viewer, so that they could possibly select you for the concern job profile.

Well, in this video resume the candidate must tell the viewer why they should hire you? How can you help the organization to grow more or something similar to this that sounds positive for the organization?


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Sell Yourself to Get a Mining Job

Think of Yourself as a Product

Have a mindset that you are a product on the market and that the employer is the consumer. As a product, consider what your employer wants and how you can meet their requirements. You will have a higher chance of selling yourself the more you can show you have what the employer needs.

Know What You Want to Do

When looking for a job in the mining industry, you just can’t go out there and tell employers you are willing to do anything. There are many entry-level mining job positions today, but if you want to have a successful mining career, you have got to have focus. That involves telling the employer what you really want to do and that you have the right skill set for that particular position.

Do Your Homework and Research

A lot of applicants fail in this area. If

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Career Outlook

Loan officers are trained to help individuals and businesses obtain the funds they require from lenders for a specific purpose. This could be to raise capital to buy stock and equipment for a business, funds to purchase a dream property, or money for much-needed home improvements. Generally, a loan officer will specialize in one of consumer, commercial or mortgage loans.

A loan job can be an individual working in different areas of the financial sector. Commonly, credit unions, commercial banks and mortgage companies employ loan officers. A officer may also take on a mortgage broker job, working to find the best mortgage deals across the market for individuals looking to invest in property.

Officers working for commercial banks and mortgage broker companies will mostly work in-house. Those working in the consumer loans sector, though, may find that the role involves spending a lot of time on the road travelling to … Read the rest