Possible Careers Without Degrees


When you get into sales you don’t need any degree. Your grades won’t really matter a lot. You just need to have the sales personality. You just need to know how to convince people and seal the deal. Sales is one of the core factors for businesses so you’d hardly run out of opportunities. Moreover, you don’t just earn from your salary.

Technical vocational

There are also those who might be interested in tinkering with stuff. In this case, there are still some opportunities for your skills. You can try taking courses like cycle mechanic training. Or you can also opt for plumbing and other handy works. It doesn’t take many years before you finish the course. You simply need to take a few courses and your off to get experience while earning. These are very essential skills so you’ll have a lot of job options.


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Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

  • Don’t use a job description that doesn’t reflect reality:¬†It is very common for HR Managers to recycle the job descriptions. This leads to usage of words or phrases to describe a position that is no longer relevant to the current role. This paves way for hiring a person who may be perfectly fit for the description but not the actual vacancy!

Our suggestion is to ask the outgoing employee (if you are hiring a replacement) or the coworkers to describe what the job involves or how the responsibilities have changed over a period of time. It becomes easier for you to revise the old job description and make it relevant to the actual job position.

  • Skills and experience may not be mutually exclusive but they are different:¬†Mismatched skills is the leading reason for failed hiring. This occurs if the hiring manager fails to ask for sufficient details or
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Make a Smooth Career Transition

Determine the specific jobs that you want to pursue.

Start by having a general idea of what new field you want to try out. Later on, you can do some researching to look for possible opportunities in this field so that you can have more specific jobs to target.

Get to know more about the possible professions that you are considering.

Find out more about the employment opportunities, current market conditions, level of compensation, and employee satisfaction ratings in the new professions that you are choosing from. Compare these factors with your current job to find out whether it is really worth the risk of transition.

Evaluate your current skill levels.

Learn about the requirements for the new jobs that you are choosing from. Some careers require you to get more education while others demand more experience. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may need to take extra … Read the rest

Careers in the Construction Industry

Finding employment that gives you job satisfaction, a good wage and a decent level of security is not easy. For many people who are looking at improving their career, a job within the building industry is a good choice. Whether you have formal qualifications, or you just have some experience, there are always opportunities to find work within the building industry. While some roles, like architects, engineers and surveyors, are all roles which require university degrees and formal qualifications, not all roles within the industry do. For example roles for labourers do not require qualifications, although experience can be very helpful. A job in a trade like building, scaffolding, welding, plumbing or working as an electrician all require the individual to have served their time, training as an apprentice.

Apprenticeships are extremely worthwhile, and many young people who are struggling to find work in the job market choose to

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Apply for Your Dream Job

  1. Search for jobs based on type of job or job category. Apply to categories that are of interest to you and that you are well qualified for. For example if you have experience in retail sales or counter sales, apply for jobs in the sales category.
  2. Look at the work timings Some jobs have normal 9-5 but some may have evening shifts which may not be suitable for all candidates. If you have a family, night/evening shifts may prove to be difficult for your family so keep that in mind. Part time jobs should also be considered if you are looking at making extra cash.
  3. Find a job close to home. If you live far away from the desired job consider how long it would take you to get to work because this may affect your work performance and transport costs.
  4. It is also important to look at the years
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Traineeship Scenario

Most of the individuals are beginning their career with apprenticeship or traineeships in the particular trade in which they would like to make their career. For instance, people with the objective of becoming an electrician can take up electrician apprenticeship. Likewise, people planning for a future as plumber can take up apprenticeship in this field. While jobs in most of the trades begin with an apprenticeship there are some trades, where people can begin their career with traineeship. This includes fields like information technology, financial services, accounts administration, property services, business administration, etc…

When it comes to apprenticeships, you will be guaranteed with a job at least immediately after the completion of the period of program. When it comes to traineeship, both the employee and employer has to be registered with the NSW Department of Education and Training shortly called as DET.

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Choosing Second Job

Both jobs have to sort of complement each other in the way that you have to be alert to do what is expected of you and you have to have the energy and stamina to see it all through.

A good second job can be a job which requires working some nighttime hours several times a week or working on weekends. You have to keep in mind that you will need time for yourself and your family as well. You cannot expect to exhaust yourself and still be able to have a second job.

Keep in mind that a lot of people who are looking for a second job to be able to pay for certain necessities or to make ends meet look for jobs in supermarkets or fast food places. Mostly this is because these jobs require working on shifts and therefore it makes it easier to work around

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About Career Development Through Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is an interesting way to ensure development in the career path and it can offer the platform for individuals to earn while they are learning. In addition to getting certified, they will be providing you with some experience that can add weightage to your resume. When you are at the age of early 20s, you will have to think of different options available in life. When you have completed your graduation or post-graduation and you have begun the process of searching for jobs, you need not waste your time until such time you find a job. Rather, you can take up apprenticeship programs so that you can earn something. In addition to earning, you can also get some form of work experience as well, which will be of great help to your future. Even though, you have theoretical knowledge from the courses you have taken, only apprenticeship programs can

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Women In Trucking Industry

The Potential for Profit

Trucking has always been an industry where your skills and talent spoke louder and longer than your degrees and school experience. While lots of women in the industry, very similar to men, have college or advanced degrees many choose to enter the profession to team drive with a spouse or partner. This provides a true family business and, with the option to move into owner/operator status, a real growth potential. It is also a great option for women that want a lucrative career without spending year and thousands of dollars on a degree program.

Women looking for a great career with options to change jobs and easily change locations are also attracted to the profession. Since physical strength isn’t an issue with most types of trucking jobs it is a great match for all types of drivers. It is also a great opportunity to find a … Read the rest

Practices of Technology Staffing Companies

Do not depend on job boards alone

Successful technology staffing companies do not just depend on job boards to recruit candidates. They need to go the extra mile and attract both online and offline resources to get access to the right candidate. Recruiters need to network, join groups to expand their search for the right candidate. The general practice of an IT staffing agency is to create a pool of top-notch talent.

When a recruiter gets a request for a candidate, he usually tries to match the job description with the skills of one of these candidates. In other words, a staffing firm should have a database of pre-qualified active and passive candidates. This helps them find candidates faster.

Provide excellent client communication

A recruiter must be able to maintain excellent client relationships. He needs to be a master of relationship management. At the same time, he must also be

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