About Accounting Training Program

It is very important to note that the accounting schools will prepare one for many different possible jobs but generally accounting, primary and intermediate degrees can be had faster than most other certifications. The advantage to the individual is that they will be capable of faster and more reliable acquiring of the know-how that will permit them to take on these jobs without any more issues. The truth is that accounting degrees can end up paying a lot of money and the basic jobs in the industry can be quite easy to find.

There are also diverse methods to make sure that one will be promoted fast and easy and he more capable one shows himself/herself to be, the faster they will advance in the chain of the business. There are many other account practice jobs and internships can be pursued while preparing for the job and most people will … Read the rest

Personal Brand Killing Career

The truth is, you need to be concerned with the reputation you have gained in your target career markets: your own company, industry, peers, clients and more. When people say, “He’s got it all together,” or, “She’s an innovative contributor who never fails to deliver,” they’re communicating what amounts to a brand image.

Sadly, some brand images are based on rumors, false perceptions and stereotypes. You may have made one mistake or said something that rubbed someone the wrong way… ONE time.

A negative brand image might come from a culture clash with your organization or industry. If that’s the case you have to decide: Do you want to reinvent yourself or move to a new industry or company? Are you a maverick who needs to dig deeper to find a fit (and may need to look outside the corporate world)?

Do some reality testing. Make sure you’re not relying

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Clean Up A Cluttered CV

  • Get clear. Define your target job and hone in on that like a heat-seeking missile. Your curriculum vitae must be focused around a specific job. This is essential to a high-performing CV.

A generic CV generates poor results. Never sit down to write a resume without a clear job target in mind. Reading your curriculum vitae shouldn’t be a treasure hunt- employers shouldn’t have to go looking for relevant information, it should be immediately apparent.

If you are hiding valuable skills and expertise in amongst useless data, you are doing yourself a disservice.

  • Cut the waffle. Don’t use 20 words when 5 will do. Don’t use ‘techno speak’ and don’t be tempted to use ‘fancy’ words for the sake of it. A great resume gets your message across, it doesn’t turn the reader off.

A curriculum vitae is a formal document, of course, but overly lengthy sentences are sure signs … Read the rest

Unemployed Executive

Believe in yourself and your abilities; have faith that this too shall pass

If you were previously well employed, you will be again. It just takes time to find another great job. You need to trust in your abilities and remain focused on your life goals. A grueling job search takes a toll on an executive’s self-confidence, particularly for those who have never had to seek work. Dig deep inside yourself to find the strength to control the terror and wait the process out.

Be flexible and bold

Don’t be afraid to knock on every door, call every friend you have in the business world, and send your resumé everywhere. Send out “a million” copies of your CV, make as many contacts as you can, and keep on smiling. Although the million resumes may not get you the perfect job, but they will put your name out in the market … Read the rest

Find Job in the Beauty Industry

Face-to-Face Introduction

If there are a few possible locations dotted around your city, it’s a good idea to create a résumé or CV tailored for that role with a cover letter to suit – make sure you try and make a cover letter unique to that role and place, maybe mentioning that you though the services they offer are great, or that you’ve been a regular customer for a few years which has inspired you to work there.

Once you’ve completed your CV and cover letters for individual roles, rather than just emailing them, it’s a good idea to go into the salon and ask to speak to someone responsible for recruitment or management, and hand in your CV with a quick summary of yourself. This doesn’t always work, or they may not even be recruiting but it’s a great way for prospective employers to remember you if an opportunity … Read the rest

About Jobs in Dubai for Expats

Types of job sectors in Dubai

Unlike other nations in the Middle East, oil is not the primary industry in Dubai. The most promising jobs in Dubai for expats are in growing sectors like oil and gas, constructions, tourism and financial services and related industries.

Salary & other benefits

Expats love Dubai as a work destination for its high salaries and tax free income. In fact, Dubai offers one of higher salaries than other states in UAE. A supply chain manager in gas, oil and engineering industry or a technical general manager can expect to earn AED 75,000 per month; a senior construction director can get AED 80,000 per month. However, starting salaries for engineers, managers can be 12K-15K AED per month. Moreover, salaries depend upon the experience, qualification and nationality. High paying jobs come with all kinds of perks like accommodation, car, mobile phones, one ticket per year, etc.

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About Call Worthy Resume

A jobseeker must be well aware that a resume talks him into fitting the job. The document should be a simple and short description of the individual’s career. This also informs the reader how the applicant is right for the job opening through the qualifications and requirements of the post. The applicant can summarize his skills on the cover page so that it will be easier for the interviewer to decide whether this one is worthy of the call or not.

An individual seeking a job using a resume must know that he is in fact marketing himself. And by this, it means that an applicant is grabbing and keeping the interviewer’s attention with a well-written document. This also means that the jobseeker must add what many people call the wow factor on this personal account. There are also times when the reader of the document becomes confused by the

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Recruitment Companies

That is what recruiters strive to deliver for their clients and it is no different in the recruitment industry. This recruitment sector developed out of a need for recruitment companies to have the best recruiters in place.

Recruitment works in two fundamental ways; either internal or external. This often depends on the size of the organisation and their current capability and expertise in certain areas of the business. Often companies who are in a rapid growth phase or are entering a new market find themselves short of talent and need an injection of ideas and skills from outside and this is when using a recruitment company can be incredibly cost effective. With new talent being sourced rapidly who then need to deliver a return on their recruitment fee within a matter of weeks, it then becomes an obvious choice to use the skills of a recruitment agency.

So the question

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Millennials in Workforce

Generation Me

This generation has been characterized as being a part of the ‘Generation Me’ phenomenon discussed in the 2006 book, Generation Me, by Jean Twenge. This rather critical assessment is based on a series of personality surveys that displayed increasing narcissism among Millennials compared to previous generations when they were in their late teens and twenties. Other reports have similarly labeled Millennials as being hard to work with, impossible to please, having bad attitudes, and maintaining unrealistic expectations of their own worth or potential.

Considerations for Managing Millennials

An assessment of the workplace preferences of Millennials has identified a few core components that greatly affect job success. Companies that are successfully harnessing and directing the creative force of this group focus on the following factors:

  • Provide options: career progression is important to this generation. They want to succeed and consistently work toward goals. Fostering an environment that allows them
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Crucial Variables Associated With Hiring Speaker

The date and time of your event

Obviously, speakers may have previously booked speaking engagements, particularly those in high demand. If you have a particular speaker in mind, then you may be able to plan your event around that speaker’s commitments. Conversely, if you have a firm date to be adhered to, you will need to consider speakers who are available on that date.

The type and purpose of the presentation

There are various reasons for hiring a keynote speaker, including education and workshops, promoting an organization or a cause, in recognition of an event or achievement, motivational, fund-raising, or entertainment. If you want to educate your audience, then you will be looking for a speaker with knowledge and expertise in that field and maybe special qualifications. Promotion may require a high profile speaker who will attract listeners and press and industry coverage. Recognizing an event or achievement usually requires … Read the rest