After Job Fair

You should also begin networking to try and identify contacts within the company who can assist you. These people may be able to highlight your qualifications with the hiring manager or otherwise put your name at the top of the interview list. It is often helpful to know a person’s name before you make a phone call. With the internet resources available these days, it is fairly easy to find out the names and positions of people within a company. For example, if you are planning to call a company for networking possibilities, and simply call and ask for the head of the department but do not have a specific name to ask for, you may have trouble getting past the secretary. But if you call and ask for “Mr. James Brown”, then you will most likely have an easier time reaching that person. Be sure to be friendly and … Read the rest

Successfully Negotiate Job Offer

First off, congrats! Getting a job offer is the result of a successfully performed job search and interview process. Now comes a part of the process most people don’t think of (until this moment):

“How do I know their offer is fair?”

“How do I negotiate to get what I think I’m really worth?”

First step: Do your homework.

There are lots of resources on the web that can provide you with baseline salary information for your field-and, in some cases, even at the company who has made you the offer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an old standby, but can provide general guidelines for your field (generally not for your specialization, however).

PayScale has a cool Wizard that helps you evaluate a job offer based on title, years of experience, and location. is another old standby. Worth throwing into the mix. provides crowdsourced salary information provided … Read the rest

Legal Careers

Corporate lawyers act as a legal counsel for all law related activities that are a part of business. In fact, every business has numerous kinds of legal activities. For instance, signing a contract for a new deal is a legal matter. Outsourcing a job, signing employee contracts, acquiring new business assets, deciding on mergers or acquisitions, and upholding rights of the business are all a part of corporate law. So, a corporate lawyer is needed in almost every aspect of a business.

In addition to these activities, corporate lawyer defends the business when it faces lawsuits from customers, business associates or others. For example, if a customer gets hurt because of a product offered by a business and sues the company for compensation, the corporate lawyer tries to settle matters out of court and work out a deal which is favourable to the company as well as the customer. In … Read the rest

Jobs In Medical Field

The thing to really understand is what’s driving this huge swell of opportunity right now. If you’re looking at a medical career choice then you would obviously like to know what it is that’s impacting your potential livelihood. What is it that’s causing this massive job shift in the U.S.?

Well, it’s the same thing that’s causing all the health care debate and got the Government all in a tizzy with what to do about it and how to pay for it.

The answer is the Baby Boomers are retiring!

The Baby Boomers were and are the single largest population boom to ever hit out country hence the name Baby ‘Boomers’. When they were being born it was a fantastic time to be selling diapers, strollers, car seats and anything else associated with infants.

When they started school we had to build more schools at a frantic pace. When they

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Hiring Security Guards

Background and Experience

You have to know if the candidates you are intending to hire have the proper and relevant experiences. They should be upstanding citizens, with no previous criminal or poor records. Prior to conducting any background checks, you need to obtain the permission from those the individuals in question. You would only be permitted to have access to relevant data in relation to the post offered.

Experience is extremely vital if you want to hire guards from security guard recruitment agencies who truly knows what they’re supposed to do. A well-experienced individual knows how to tell if someone is a criminal just by body language, and also knows what actions he will take should a threat happens.


Not all guards have received proper training. Some simply rely on experience, but if you want to hire armed guards, it’s imperative that they receive the right training and hold … Read the rest

Negotiate an Employment Agreement

  • Communicate verbally
    Verbal communication trumps all aspects of written communication, especially the use of third party intermediaries. All edits should be documented and received in writing, of course. But verbal communication allows the company to understand your excitement, strengthen the connection and minimizes miscommunication. Sometimes attorneys or recruiters spearhead contract negotiations. This runs the risk of playing telephone – things get lost in translation. Even if you have a representative handling the process, make sure you are always kept informed.
  • Provide Options
    When discussing terms, provide options. Give yourself room for flexibility. Providing options underscores your negotiating skills, makes you appear reasonable and reinforces your ability to be a team player. For example, with severance, you might be willing to take a more restrictive clause in terms of a noncompete if you are paid for the entire noncompete period. If you aren’t being paid for the entire noncompete period, you
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Importance Trained Employees

Quality training services are provided to the employees with the sole aim of making them self reliant and self dependent. They will be given the basic training which they might be requiring during their working hours. This will enable them to save them and also their colleagues in the face of some unforeseen incidents. They will not have to wait for the help to come. They will be able to help themselves out of the tricky situation. This is very important for the employees working in a company.

Inspection services are also given to the people. This enriches their knowledge and they are able to inspect the materials and the services provided to the company. This is of much help for the company as they will be getting the best services from the people. They will not have to wait for the inspection officers to inspect the materials or the … Read the rest

Finding Mining Employer

If you have long been having trouble finding the right mining job for your situation or if you happen to be highly specialized for a specific type of mining job that requires a high level of skill, you may want to look a little harder. Chances are if you are willing to put in the required effort to keep on searching in the right places it will not be too long before you are able to find a great job that is absolutely perfect for you and things will work out very well for you afterward. Of course, it is not like it is always going to be easy to find the job of your dreams and if that job is in the mining industry it will take a fair bit of job hunting to find the right option, although when it finally falls in your lap you will know

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About Job Search Etiquette

Most of what he knows now may be products of previous attempts that may have either worked or failed. Experience is indeed the best teacher for when something apparently works, you tend to keep doing it; while if something does not work, then obviously you do not repeat it anymore.

However, for those who are new to the application process, you cannot afford to go through a trial and error process. It might just cost you your dream job if you try things that are not conventional. While being “yourself” does work for a lot of people, you may not be aware of some seemingly normal things that you are not supposed to do on a particular setting. Some may be too obvious to even expound, but it is the littlest detail that may make or break your application.

Make the best first impression. 

To start with, prepare for the … Read the rest

Student Career Management

Your task in completing an application form is to convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the vacancy. This is a very important point. Once you have recognised this, you will ensure that the application form is completed to the highest possible standard and to the best of your ability.

Recruiters receive many applications for every post and are constantly looking for reasons to reject applications, especially in the initial screening process, known as pre-selection.

Your first objective therefore is to overcome this hurdle in order to be invited for interview.

Half-hearted applications are generally easy to spot and weed out. As a rule, therefore, only those applications into which you are prepared to invest time and commitment are worth pursuing. There is usually only one opportunity to apply for a particular vacancy. A successful applicant will have assessed the main requirements of the post and tailored

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