Women In Trucking Industry

The Potential for Profit

Trucking has always been an industry where your skills and talent spoke louder and longer than your degrees and school experience. While lots of women in the industry, very similar to men, have college or advanced degrees many choose to enter the profession to team drive with a spouse or partner. This provides a true family business and, with the option to move into owner/operator status, a real growth potential. It is also a great option for women that want a lucrative career without spending year and thousands of dollars on a degree program.

Women looking for a great career with options to change jobs and easily change locations are also attracted to the profession. Since physical strength isn’t an issue with most types of trucking jobs it is a great match for all types of drivers. It is also a great opportunity to find a high paying career for women that may be looking to get into a new career option after the family is grown up and has moved out of the house.

The great thing about being an owner/operator or working with a company with a flexible driver schedule is that you really can work when you want and for the hours that suit your needs. You can also choose to work seasonally to add a bit of income while taking the slower seasons off to do with as you may. Drivers often find that delivery jobs, including additional mail hauling jobs or delivery jobs, are more common over the Christmas season, a perfect option to boost the family income.

Job Security

While there are very few jobs that have 100% job security a trucker with a solid work history and a clean driving record is rarely going to have difficulty in finding a job. Unlike many traditional jobs for women trucking provides you the option to move companies, move geographic areas and even upgrade to different types of licenses and endorsements. This is all done with little in the way of financial outlay, giving drivers of any gender the option to specialize and enhance earning potential.

Job security if you are an owner/operator is really the same premise. Women are often very good at networking and building connections that allow them to advance within the industry. The attention to detail in ensuring that schedules are kept, data is entered on time and information is submitted in a timely manner often favors the professional woman driver.

Women may also just want a change from the more traditional jobs that have been recommended or suggested. Not all women, like not all men, are cut out for the day to day reality of being a trucker but if it works it can be a very lucrative, satisfying and fulfilling career. It can also be a great second job or supplemental career depending on where you live and the options in your location. With the freedom that many types of trucking jobs offer it really is a match for a great many people.

Advancement Potential

While many drivers, both male and female, will remain as drivers throughout their career there is also the possibility to move up from driver to supervisor or even company owner. Organization, communication and financial management are just as easy and natural for a woman or a man; it is really the understanding of the industry that is the key. Women that have lived the trucking lifestyle for years or through their family often have a lot of knowledge about the industry before they decide to make it their career.

The interesting thing is that many women that pursue a job as a trucker have direct experience in the industry before they actually start training and earn their CDL. They may have a father, brother, partner or spouse that is or has been trucker. Already familiar with the unique demands of the industry they are often much better equipped to deal with reality of both driving as well as owning or managing a trucking company.