Want a Career in Recruitment


Recruitment is rewarding at every level. Seeing people get the job of their dreams is an amazing experience. Getting paid for it well is even better. This experience will happen on a consistent basis as long as you put in the work. Great jobs to recruit to and high calibre candidates to place don’t just drop in your lap you will need to put in the effort, roll up your sleeves and be prepared to keep going, even when people say no.


The power of focus can work wonders in all areas of your life, both personal and professional. In a recruitment setting you will need to focus on areas that work and produce results on a consistent basis. Keep distractions at a minimum and keep your eyes on the vision of your company and your own personal vision about what you want to achieve. Take a leaf out of the experience of our own elite athletes from London 2012. They had their mind on one thing and one thing only. For you that might be that within six months of starting your role as a recruiter that you will consistently be placing 2-3 candidates a month. That is possible by the way provided you place attention on our next suggestion

The ability to receive direction and coaching.

This is a big one and where many new recruiters fall down. The truth is you won’t know it all when you join a recruitment company. You might have had some experience of ‘selling and influence’ in the past and not in this context. Your recruitment manager will be your best source of inspiration. Hang on their every word and follow what they say to the letter. The thing is, in recruitment many recruitment managers are still billing and at a high level. If they can do that and manage a team they are worth getting to know well and have a brain that is well worth picking.