Use Social Media in Job Search

Let everyone know what you’re up to

It actually doesn’t matter if you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter; what’s important is that you make it known to your followers, friends, and relatives that you are searching for a job and what position you are looking for. This will not instantly result to you getting a job, of course, and your contacts may also not know of any job openings at the moment. Nevertheless, you would want them to know that you are searching for a job, just in case a job opening shows up.

Don’t hesitate to network using Facebook

We all use Facebook mainly for fun, but it doesn’t mean we cannot use it for anything else. You cannot just ignore your potential to network there especially if you already have more than a hundred friends. Compared to LinkedIn, Facebook can actually be more useful for searching for a job. This is because your friends naturally know you better, and thus they are more likely to help you find a job.

Create a professional-looking LinkedIn profile

It is very common for companies today to use the LinkedIn database to search for talent. To make sure your profile stands out, make it look highly professional. Choose the right photo to go with it, and include only valuable information in your personal profile.

Include links to your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle in your resume

Twitter and LinkedIn are both commonly used for professional or business purposes, while Facebook is more personal or private. In your resume, make sure you add there links to your LinkedIn and Twitter profile. This way, hiring managers will have a place to turn to in case they need to learn more about you. Besides, being a social media enthusiast is a trait usually preferred by employers.

Be active and participative

There is no doubt that networking is one of the most important aspects of any job search. In fact, experts also recommend that it should become a part of any individual’s career planning. That’s why it is recommended that you make yourself visible out there in the social media. However, you will not reap the benefits of such social media networks if you are not active enough online. Thus, take the time to chat with your contacts, or join forums all over the web. By doing this, you are certainly marketing yourself, which will increase your chances of having a successful job search.