Unthankful Employee Syndrome

If such a list existed would left-leaning folks cry foul claiming it was employment discrimination? I bet they might try to prove that in a court of law to get some case law onto the books for future lawsuits, but ask yourself this; isn’t it fair that employee hires tell an employer that even if them, they might walk off the job in a huff for virtually any reason sometime in the future leaving customers high and dry and threatening the company’s brand name? Let’s talk shall we?

You see, there was a troubling article on MSNBC Money online news recently titled; “Mass resignation at Journeys reflects mall troubles – Employees at a store in New York quit at the same time and call out their manager online. That’s a particularly tough loss when malls are dying and employing fewer young workers than ever,” by Jason Notte which was published on September 4, 2013.

So basically, a large number of employees got up and walked out all at the same time from a multitude of stores, apparently to make a statement. I see this as a bunch of unthankful employees at a time with others would like to have those jobs. What about responsibility? What about doing what you promised? When these employees were chosen from a group of others looking for work, they promised to work hard, show up on time, and that they wouldn’t let down the company. That’s basically the verbal contract that every hired employee makes – but in this case – it was a lie.

Either those employees lied when they were hired, or they got caught up in the hype of the media and left-wing unionized propaganda and protests. Because of this, I believe the companies ought to have them come back to work, promise them whatever they demand, and then fire them as soon as they can replace them, and renege on the promises for more benefits or higher pay they made. You might think that is criminal. But I see it as justice, eye for an eye.

Why should employees who renege on their employment contracts be allowed to get away with this? Who told them that this was acceptable behavior – because trust me – it’s not. Why a double set of standards in our laws, why do the unions and employees have the upper hand with regulations, rules, laws, courts, and the media – it’s not right. Please consider all this and think on it.