Traits a Manager Must Possess

A helping hand to the employees

A good manager is one who understands the task himself and then makes it clear to its team and subordinates. Completing a task with the best results requires taking feedback from your team. Listen to your subordinates and try to be a helping hand for them. A lot of times they may encounter problems in completing their tasks and the manager should use his or her experience to help them out. Such help will be beneficial for the entire team and it will also cut on the time required to complete the projects and achieve targets.

Be thankful to your subordinates

It is quite common that bosses and managers are usually strict and not thankful to their employees and subordinates. An unappreciated employee will never work to his or her full potential. If an employee is appreciated, their dedication to their work and organization will be shown. A good leader will be thankful to their workforce.

Set yourself as a benchmark

Employees will always follow their leader. If the head of the organization comes in late, the employees will also adopt the habit of getting late to work. The environment of an organization is set by the higher management.

Make your workplace alive

A dull and boring workplace will slowly lost interest from the employees. A good manager will make the place live by doing different activities that involves everybody. Once a week or a month is enough to keep your employees on their toes. Many organizations celebrate the birthdays of their employees which makes them feel special. A workplace should be social where every member of the team should help each other. Many employees might have some personal problems and talking to other colleagues and higher management will help them get over them quickly.

Communicate with employees

Communication is always two ways. Try getting feedback and response from your employees on every decision you make. If you come up with negative responses think once again on your decision and look for another solution. Communication with your subordinates will also help you look at problems and hurdles from a different angle. Projects and tasks run into problems quite often. And maybe the solution to the problem will come from a junior who has just joined your team. Communication with your employees will make them feel an important part of the team.

Your generosity pays you back

Generosity is not always in monetary terms. Sometimes opportunities pop up and there might be someone interested in them. Like there might be a position vacant in some other office and someone from your team would like to go there. Promotions and assigning of good designations will also make your employees happy. Of course monetary terms will be a great thing to keep your employees on top of their game.

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