Technical Recruiting Agencies Interview Candidates

Interviewing a candidate

Interviewing is one of the important components in the screening process. One needs to be focused, and must be able to listen to and process thoughts during the interview. An interviewer should be able to thoroughly assess a candidate’s technical knowledge and mental makeup before making an offer. Hiring managers usually do not have time to interview a long list of candidates before selecting the right one. That’s why they prefer to work with a staffing agency. A staffing company usually conducts the first few rounds of interviews and then sends one or two selected candidates to a company’s HR for the final hiring decision.

Start with easy questions

They typically begin an interview with easy questions and gradually build up to the more complex ones. This helps in asking probing questions. Studying a resume is an integral part of an interview process. This enables them to ask more engaging and personal questions of a candidate, like his hobbies and interest. Asking these questions is important to assess the mentality and interest of a candidate. A recruiter needs to find this out in order to ensure that the shortlisted candidate matches the culture and work environment of the company.

Ask for practical tasks

Once a candidate gets qualified in the interview process, a recruiter usually asks him to do a practical task, like giving a presentation or preparing a report. This is important to ascertain whether the candidate has all the skills he has claimed during the interview process. His work provides a testimony to his technical skills. A recruiter can also test whether or not a candidate can perform under high pressure situations.