Recruitment Companies

That is what recruiters strive to deliver for their clients and it is no different in the recruitment industry. This recruitment sector developed out of a need for recruitment companies to have the best recruiters in place.

Recruitment works in two fundamental ways; either internal or external. This often depends on the size of the organisation and their current capability and expertise in certain areas of the business. Often companies who are in a rapid growth phase or are entering a new market find themselves short of talent and need an injection of ideas and skills from outside and this is when using a recruitment company can be incredibly cost effective. With new talent being sourced rapidly who then need to deliver a return on their recruitment fee within a matter of weeks, it then becomes an obvious choice to use the skills of a recruitment agency.

So the question is; what does a recruitment company do when they need a new recruiter on the team? The answer is simple they also use the skills of a recruitment company themselves. The world of recruitment is different to many industries. Recruiters need to be skilled in many fields from super sales rep to coach to market researcher to motivator to influencer and many more hats you would be totally surprised at. Nearly forgot this one, they also need the patience of a saint when a placement they have been working on, for months, does not convert and they miss their billings target! Finding this unique breed can be a challenge at the best of times and is best left in the hands of an expert.

That is where recruitment to recruitment companies come in. Like other recruitment agencies they often specialise or will have a number of ‘desks’ in their team that recruit into specific sectors. For instance if you are a recruitment agency that works in construction recruitment you will be looking for a specific type of recruiter. You could spend hours trying to find the right fit for the task in hand, your company and the team you already have in place.

Using our example a recruitment consultant, in this field, will know exactly the type of person you are looking for. In many cases they may have already been a recruiter in construction so they know the skills, knowledge and attitude that are needed to be a big biller in this arena. These skills that have been developed in the rec to rec world mean that the best person for the job can be found at speed. In this world most consultants have their own little black book of great recruiters and the good news is that as a result they are able to match up candidates and clients so everybody wins.