Reasons To Work In Japan

Lifetime Employment

Some people who fear getting unemployed can find assurance in a Japanese company. Here is a word of caution though. A number of companies are slowly changing their views regarding this. This practice is governed by the concept of kaizen. Employers believe that each of their employees is in a constant phase of improvement. Because of this, employees are seen worth-keeping unless they do something that damages the credibility of the company.

Fun And Excitement

Perhaps, you do not want to work in Japan forever but just long enough to satisfy your need for adventure. Try some internships in hotels or resorts which extend for at least two months minimum. In these places, you can choose from jobs like teaching snow sports, waiting tables, assisting new guests or cleaning guest rooms. These are perfect ways for you to earn particularly if you are just a student who does not want to get bored while staying in a foreign land for some time.

Just Compensation And Benefits

Not all those working abroad are able to experience this. Japanese employers are keen about following the wage laws set by the government. This covers full-timers, part-timers and interns. Minimum wage costs around 110,000 yen monthly. Allowances and other benefits are also available particularly when you pass exams like Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Rewards For A Job Well Done

Contrary to common belief, over time work hours are paid in Japan. Employers who do work appropriately and beyond the extra mile are rewarded with bonuses. Those who have jobs in hotels or resorts, for example, enjoy free accommodations as reward to their service. Thus, many of them are able to have fun after fulfilling their jobs during the day.