Purpose Of A Resume

The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate your assets in writing to an employer, like providing a sample of your written communication skills. This means your resume should indicate your language skills without any grammar errors or typos.

An exceptional and outstanding resume is one which has all the important details listed as per the job position you are applying for.

But before writing a resume, it is necessary to know, what should be written in a resume to make it distinct from other applicants?

Here are a few things highlighted to help you in writing a resume-:

  • Your Resume is an “impression” of you with the intent of emphasizing interests. Write about your qualifications as it can establish your credibility.
  • Write about your achievements and personal qualities.
  • Write in chronological order about your employment, volunteer work or extra-curricular activities.
  • Writing short sentences and it should be very precise.
  • Leave space in between the lines and headings to enhance readability.
  • Your resume should be one or two pages long and giving only relevant information which is required for the job position.
  • Develop a theme to have a positive impression on the employer.
  • Objective statement is highly recommended as it indicates your job goal which should be specific.
  • Write about the awards, or if you were recognized for community involvement, as it tells a lot about you.
  • Now a days since resumes are emailed online mostly, so that is fine but if you are sending the paper resume to an organization then make sure that high quality paper is used for printing.
  • The most common typefaces for writing text is courier, times new roman, bookman, using these fonts can make your resume look more readable and professional.

These are some of the suggestions that are helpful when writing a resume, before writing a resume make a rough note of the list given above and when you are sure that important details are written, then you can make the original of it.