Part of Successful Career Change

  • “Continuous” translates as “every day”. Yes, you read that correctly: an action towards your final goal needs to be taken day in and day out. The size of the action and the time spent on it may vary; the non-stop aspect of it needs to prevail. For example, if you read a newspaper article related to the process you are going for, that would qualify as your daily action. Another example from the other end of the spectrum would be, for instance, spending a good couple of hours researching jobs on LinkedIn. Why is this so important, you ask? Like with learning a new language or any other new skill, immersion in your project (in this case a career change) is the best way forward. If your goal is, let’s say, to get a job in the travel industry while you are working somewhere else, you need to immerse yourself in that industry. To do that, read the magazines, go to the fairs, talk to anybody and everybody who has any connection to that industry. The good news is, once you start the process, one person would lead to the next, one piece of information would inspire you to explore another bit of information, and on and on it goes. Fundamentally, if you are excited about that new job or business of yours, taking continuous action should be a joy, not a chore.
  • Remain open-minded about how things will develop for you. This can only happen if you are so engrossed in the process of change that you can be flexible at any given time. I can see from the experience with my clients that the process of a career change has NEVER worked exactly as they expected. Thankfully, because they remained open-minded and pursued their options on a continuous basis, they explored the areas never before considered and ended up with huge, uplifting and happy-ending surprises!
  • Allow yourself to follow your intuition. If you wake up and feel an urge to call Laura, whom you have not talked to in years, call her. If you feel strongly that a particular book will have an answer you are looking for, buy it. If you are urged to take a certain trip, take it. Following your intuition comes in handy, especially when you feel you can’t think of any more “continuous action” steps to take (which is nearly impossible).