Online Jobs For College Students


There are several websites that will hire college students for tutoring. There is usually an application process and testing. This is to make sure the applicants are knowledgeable in their chosen subjects and placed at the proper grade level for tutoring.


Many transcription jobs ask for applicants with experience only, but there are some that do not. There is equipment required to get started with this type of work such as a wave pedal and headset. This costs between $50 and $100.

Online Customer Service

This one is not as flexible as the others but if you have your own USB headset, computer, and high-speed internet you are all set. The qualifications for this are minimal and the demand is high.


Companies that do market research will pay for people to test products and/or tell them what they like and dislike. These research companies have age, gender, and geographic restrictions on their surveys for data organization and target marketing. To make more money you should sign up with several sites because you might only qualify to take certain surveys. No worries though, there are tons of survey sites available to sign up with.

General Freelance Work

This has become very easy to get started with because of several popular freelance websites that have emerged. A student looking to make a little money in the comfort of their home can find a job doing just about anything on a freelance site. I’ve seen people paying for everything from a guy dancing around with their logo painted on his stomach to prank phone calls. There are also lots of normal jobs too, though.