New Mail Carrier

Dress Appropriately

This does not mean wear a suit and tie, but also don’t dress down to the point of absurdity. If you live in a cold climate and start during the winter months, layer up. Wear as many layers as you are comfortable in and can still move freely. You will be moving if on a walking route so you may get too warm. You can always take a layer off in this case, but play it safe as cold will sap your energy. The heaters in the LLVs (Long Life Vehicles) are not the greatest and generally you will have a window open to deliver the mail, so even mounted routes (driving routes) need to layer up. In warmer clients be sure to wear loose fitting clothing and consider an undershirt as you will be sweating.

A hat is also highly recommended, whether you go with a stocking hat for warmth in a colder climate or a baseball cap for uv protection and shading your eyes on warmer days.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This may seem obvious, but don’t take this lightly. A walking route can be anywhere from 3 to 12 miles long and an uncomfortable pair of shoes will ruin your day. Unless you have done a lot of walking in your previous job, blisters and foot pain will more than likely be a part of your first few weeks. This too will pass, as your entire body will adjust to your new work environment.


You are going to have a severe case of information overload for the first few weeks as you learn the lingo, routes, and duties of your new position. You are going to be told to go faster and make fewer mistakes. Stressing out will only make you more mistake prone. Relax, slow your mind down and let it all come to you through repetition. In a good office the carriers all look out for each other and will be there for you when you have questions or concerns. Just work hard and don’t complain and you will be accepted as a fellow carrier in no time.

Having said that, supervisors are looking for speed, so don’t slack off out there. You are going to have to work through the pain and stress and do your absolute best. It will get better and you will be better for it. Push through your first few weeks and you will be more fit both physically and mentally.