Millennials in Workforce

Generation Me

This generation has been characterized as being a part of the ‘Generation Me’ phenomenon discussed in the 2006 book, Generation Me, by Jean Twenge. This rather critical assessment is based on a series of personality surveys that displayed increasing narcissism among Millennials compared to previous generations when they were in their late teens and twenties. Other reports have similarly labeled Millennials as being hard to work with, impossible to please, having bad attitudes, and maintaining unrealistic expectations of their own worth or potential.

Considerations for Managing Millennials

An assessment of the workplace preferences of Millennials has identified a few core components that greatly affect job success. Companies that are successfully harnessing and directing the creative force of this group focus on the following factors:

  • Provide options: career progression is important to this generation. They want to succeed and consistently work toward goals. Fostering an environment that allows them to realize their potential will inspire their best work.
  • Work/life Balance: Millennials are typically a hardworking group that might have trouble disengaging from work after hours due to heavy use of mobile devices allowing constant email updates. Companies should encourage a healthy balance between personal life and work obligations.
  • Leadership: Millennials thrive on feedback and deeply desire career mentors to help them achieve their professional goals. Fostering a collaborative team environment allows Millennials to learn and grow while sharing their natural abilities.

Professional Staffing Support

While Millennials have endured an exceedingly rough job market since graduation, recruiters are also intimately aware of how difficult the interviewing process has been in a struggling economy. Faced with an influx of potential candidates, many employers are seeking support of professional staffing companies to help them weed out ill-suited applicants.

Job searchers are also commonly relying on staffing organizations to help them get a foot in the door at especially selective companies. Staffing agencies are able to interpret individual and business needs, objectively matching the most qualified candidates with the best job opportunities.