Merchandising Management

Job Description

The specific job description of someone who is involved in merchandising management will vary greatly depending on their exact job title. There are however some common specifications that crop up in this type of work. Responsibilities can include the ability to truly understand a company’s wants, needs and goals. They will often work closely with buyers and design functions in order to achieve these goals.

Merchandising specialists will also need to combine their analytical skills with their creative flair. They will need to know consumer behaviour when shopping for products, and use this information to effectively position products in the right place and at the right time. They can also be in charge of creating eye-catching visual displays which are sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

Career Opportunities

There are a range of career opportunities available to qualified and talented merchandising management specialists. Some of the most common careers include:

  • Fashion visual merchandiser
  • Buyer/merchandiser
  • Product quality assurance analyst
  • Market trend analysis
  • Retail entrepreneur
  • Retail management
  • Product developer

Work Experience

Work experience, also known as internships or work placements, are when an individual goes to work for a company for a short period of time in order to gain an insight into the day to day runnings of the business. This is particularly beneficial if you are interested in merchandise management, as you will be able to get an idea of what the job role entails. Work experience will also look great on your CV, as it will show prospective employers that you have had some experience in working in the right environment.

How to Start a Career in Merchandising Management

If merchandising management appeals to you and you would like to learn more or break into the business, then it is essential that you get a strong education in the subject matter. There are specialized courses which focus solely on the topic of merchandising management. These courses will teach you a huge range of skills that are required in the business, such as market analysis, sourcing, product planning, pricing, procurement and visual presentation. If you are serious about your career in merchandising management then it is worth enrolling in a full time educational course. There are educational institutions that specialize in merchandising and visual marketing. Most of these faculties will offer open days so that you can go and see if it is the right course for your needs. There are also part-time, introductory and evening course available for people who work full-time.