Make Employment Agencies Tick

Over a period of time job applicants lose focus after they have applied to numerous companies. If you are seeking a job, you probably also know how difficult it is to write a CV every time and attending interviews after interviews. The worst part of applying directly to employers is they don’t notify you if you are not selected for the job. The other disadvantages of directly applying to employers are –

  • It is time consuming and responses come in late
  • It is expensive to attend interviews if the employer is not located locally
  • It is difficult to negotiate the best salary & perks
  • It is almost impossible to contact foreign employers
  • It is not always possible to check employers’ credentials

The list of reasons that discourage job seekers from applying directly is almost endless. An employment agency can save job seekers from all these troubles and do more for you to find a job. It is like approaching a one-point nodal agency for finding a job. The benefits of using an employment agency are many –

  • They keep a ready list of employers willing to recruit candidates immediately
  • You get a wide choice of employers that fit your profile
  • They help in negotiating service conditions, salary and perks
  • They help you prepare the CV and arrange interviews at short notice
  • If you are relocating abroad they can arrange travel documents
  • They can help you in finding accommodation
  • They can advice you on cultural requirements in a new environment

Not only do job seekers benefit, but also employers. The advantages to them are –

  • They don’t have to advertise vacancies through expensive advertisement
  • They can recruit candidates instantly
  • Agencies guarantee a minimal period for which candidates will stay with them
  • They assist in pre-employment check including experience and credentials
  • Ensure compliance with local employment laws
  • Help locate talents on a global basis

There are hundreds of recruitment agencies, but not all of them you will find suitable. Here is how you can tell the difference between a good and bad agency.

  • Good agencies will have been operating for a long period
  • They will adhere to ethical practices and have a code of conduct
  • Their service charges will be transparent to understand
  • Their track record will be impeccable and verifiable
  • They will have an impressive client list
  • They will have a global presence covering multiple industry types