Lean Forward to Find Work

This summer Chelsea began working as an entry-level teller earning $11/hour and guaranteed 30 hours per week. Quarterly performance-based bonuses offer additional upside. After quickly proving herself, Chelsea was filling in at five other branches and expanding her hours. She loves working at TD Bank. “I’ve been dealing with money and people since I was 16,” she said, so banking is a natural fit. “TD is a great company to build a career with, as they invest in their employees with training, certification programs, tuition reimbursement, etc.,” Chelsea says excitedly.

With a clearly delineated career path and many opportunities for advancement, banking can be a great career choice for new college graduates trying to find work. In seven months Chelsea was promoted to a permanent teller position with benefits after her manager recommended her for an open position at another branch. By year’s end she hopes to move up to head teller at $13/hour. Branch managers earn approximately $50,000 annually and she can see herself in that position within four or five years.

Of Chelsea’s six closest friends at Westfield State, only two have full-time jobs that relate to their majors. The other four are cobbling together jobs to pay the bills while searching for that career-making junior position. Career Services at Westfield State doesn’t offer much in the way of help, according to Chelsea, which is why networking is key.