Job For Graduate

The graduate should first analyze a few things even before they can start applying for a job. They are

  • Identify your skill and experience
  • Spot the market that is suitable for you and check the place of work
  • Determine the level of income that you are expecting and what the market is offering
  • Identify what the market needs of graduates like you
  • Once all this is done draft a resume making note of the key points like qualification, special skills and your awards and accolades.

How to Apply for Jobs

Once you have made the basic analysis of what you are looking for and what the market is looking for from graduates the next thing that you need to do is to apply for the job. There are two ways through which one can apply for a job,

  • One is directly through a company
  • Other through a recruitment agency

Direct application to company

Most of the companies have their own website these days. Usually the official website will have a separate option called careers. In this option the company would have listed out the vacancies that are available with the company, the qualification, experience and skills that they require for those vacancies. So you can choose the vacancy that suits your qualification and experience and apply for the same. The company might ask you to give your personal details and educational details.

Recruitment agency

The other way is to apply with the help of a recruitment agency. This option is more preferable, because as an individual your access to companies is very limited whereas recruitment agencies will have access to a lot of companies and they will be the first to know when a vacancy arises in a company. This is because they are in constant touch with various companies. In this case you need to provide the recruitment company with the resume and other personal details as requested by the agency. The agency will update you as and when a vacancy arises.

Once an application for the job is made it is imperative that you prepare yourself for the interview by taking up some mock tests and questioners. Performing well in the interview is what that is going to fetch you a job.