Hiring Security Guards

Background and Experience

You have to know if the candidates you are intending to hire have the proper and relevant experiences. They should be upstanding citizens, with no previous criminal or poor records. Prior to conducting any background checks, you need to obtain the permission from those the individuals in question. You would only be permitted to have access to relevant data in relation to the post offered.

Experience is extremely vital if you want to hire guards from security guard recruitment agencies who truly knows what they’re supposed to do. A well-experienced individual knows how to tell if someone is a criminal just by body language, and also knows what actions he will take should a threat happens.


Not all guards have received proper training. Some simply rely on experience, but if you want to hire armed guards, it’s imperative that they receive the right training and hold a gun license.


A person who is hot-tempered and mean-looking may seem like the excellent deterrent to the bad guys. But, the best security guards are calm, cool, and composed. They do not freak out during an unstable situation and know how to handle stress very well. The very last thing you want to hire someone who needs to help in managing his anger, the one who is likely to lose his temper at the slightest provocation.


Since their job is usually very physically challenging, they need to be fit and healthy. Your business would most likely suffer if you hire those with health problems and difficulties. Find out if the candidates have history of illnesses and diseases that may prevent them from performing their job well.