Google Authorship

Credibility and Authenticity of Content

Simply put, identifying the author of the content will prevent it from being plagiarized. This may be the pretty logic behind Google’s support for author tag. You gain credibility as you verify your content. It gives the giant search engine some hint that the content is a tad of unique and original. Bet nobody will dare copy an article or a blog post when everybody at least recognizes the face of the person who wrote the content. Being credited for the article you created brings bigger benefits than just claiming the glory for producing the work.

Tracking of how many visitors you gained

When you have verified your authorship to Google, you will be receiving lots of perks as an author. One of them is knowing how many times your article or any published content with rel=author tag has shown up in search results. Aside from the monitoring advantage, three of your other contents also show up after a reader finished your article and clicked on for the previous page. Some say it’s the ‘secret’ benefit of being a registered author in the giant search engine.

Pictures are getting more clicks

Quite obviously, images are the chocolate syrup on a sundae. People tend to be more interested when they see some photos, and yes, even if it’s just a simple mug of you flashing your pearly whites. Believe this, research has shown that having an image with your search results boosts your click through rates by as much as 22%. Partly because images somewhat reinforces the genuineness of the content, partly because images are mentally stimulating when we speak about a knowledge hunger that drove a searcher to type in the keyword.

Better Rankings

Since authorship boosts your overall online identity and content relevance, there follows that your rankings might change dramatically with this. Google authorship might be the next big thing when it comes to improving your SERP’s, so better keep a close eye on the topic. Some are even predicting that the authorship tag might play a big part on the search giant’s algorithms in the near future.


While gaining connection and patronage is rather not an SEO benefit, being known by people who loved your content does not only work wonders inside the virtual realm. In one way or another, if your anecdotes are hitting the readers’ interest, you may create patrons that create patrons. Interact with your audience who knows how fast they multiply. Aside from patrons, you might get to know experts who can mentor and refer you to other professionals, which can bring you growth.