Getting Your Dream Job

  • Dress well: Your manner of dress gives the interview panel your first impression and you don’t want to fail even before you begin. If you are going to get the best IT job in India you must be well groomed with and put on something clean and appealing. Apart from giving a good impression this will also enhance your self confidence.
  • Have everything ready: Ensure you have every single document that will be required for the interview; your identification, resume, portfolio and just about anything else. If you are in doubt, check from the best job site in India to know what else is required; you can’t afford to be careless.
  • Know the company: Take your time to learn everything about the company as well as the position the have advertised. You need to know well in advance what expectations they have of the person they are looking to hire and it will also make them know you are really interested in the position.
  • Practice makes perfect: At the interview you need to appear calm and the best way to achieve that is to practice at home before the D-day. Try practicing in front of your mirror as you answer some familiar and anticipated interview questions. Be very keen on your body language and expressions; you also need to learn what words to use or avoid since there are words that could hurt your chances.
  • Get ready for salary negotiations: There is no doubt that the prospective employer will ask you about the salary you expect to earn; just be sure to expect to address the issue. While answering this question, you should be aware that it’s not just about the salary. You must first impress the panel before they can appreciate your need for the pay you are going to discuss.
  • Highlight your best points: When talking to your prospective employer, remember to highlight the skills, abilities and experience you have that are applicable to the job you are applying for; the employer wants to hear what you know that is relevant to the current job you applied for.