Find Job in the Beauty Industry

Face-to-Face Introduction

If there are a few possible locations dotted around your city, it’s a good idea to create a résumé or CV tailored for that role with a cover letter to suit – make sure you try and make a cover letter unique to that role and place, maybe mentioning that you though the services they offer are great, or that you’ve been a regular customer for a few years which has inspired you to work there.

Once you’ve completed your CV and cover letters for individual roles, rather than just emailing them, it’s a good idea to go into the salon and ask to speak to someone responsible for recruitment or management, and hand in your CV with a quick summary of yourself. This doesn’t always work, or they may not even be recruiting but it’s a great way for prospective employers to remember you if an opportunity came up.

Dogsbody Duties

Although the idea of joining certain aspects of the beauty industry looks great, there are often some hurdles in the way of getting the ideal you desire. If you’re new to the industry or are a veteran of the industry it’s important to see the value of working your way up. This may even involve making the tea for customers or sweeping up at close times, and working anti-social hours such as weekends and evening shifts, but showing that you’re more than happy to do these duties indicates to the potential employer that you are really passionate about the industry. It is also these often lower paid roles and responsibilities that lead onto more trust within an organisation that will in time often lead to better positions within the sector.