End a Cover Letter

Does your letter effectively ASK for the job interview?

If you answered no, remember this fact: A job-search letter that clearly and directly asks for the job interview will beat the socks off one that does not.

So how exactly do you ASK for the job interview?

There are ways to effectively ask for the job interview while ending a cover letter.

For maximum effect, use these examples as the final paragraph.

Here are examples of how to end a cover letter by asking for an interview.

  1. I am excited about the possibility of a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications with you. I will follow up with a phone call to make sure you have received my application. I am immediately available and can be reached at 555-12345678.
  2. If possible, can we schedule an interview in the next two weeks? I have researched (company name) and am excited about this opportunity. I would love the chance to interview for this position and am available at your earliest convenience.
  3. If I may be so bold, I am asking you for the opportunity to interview for (insert job opening title here). I would like the chance in person, to discuss the specific reasons why I believe I am the applicant you are looking for.
  4. If you will grant me an interview, I feel confident that when we meet and speak together you’ll see why I believe I’m the right person for this job. I can be reached at 555-12345678. Thank you in advance.

In fact there is one more strategy to ask for an interview. Apart from asking it at the end, you can write a headline at the top of your letter using centered and bold text. Here’s what you can write – I would love the opportunity to interview in person for the position of (job opening title). Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Imagine your job search letter with and without these types of paragraphs. It becomes crystal clear that these ‘ask for the interview’ examples can have a powerful effect on bringing you more of the desired result… job interviews! Add this one element to your next letter and you’ve just given your job search a major tune-up.