Earn Higher CNA Salary

A Nursing assistant can earn a salary of $14,000 to 40,000 & above, and per hour wage of $10 to $17. The variation in salaries can be attributed to various factors such as job locations, cost of livings (rural and urban areas, and cities and metros), education (additional healthcare field certificates and degrees), work duration (full-time, or part-time), work shifts (day, evening, nights, weekend or holidays), nursing shortages, competition and numbers of hospitals and clinics.

The salary offered also varies in different health care settings. For example, in the hospital and its intensive care units, surgery and emergency rooms, they are paid higher salaries than these, employed in OPD, medical distribution rooms, front desk, or other medical care departments where routine cares are offered to patients. In the same way, a travel nurse aide receives higher pay than a home health aide or a private duty CNA. Nursing homes aides earn better than a physician office nurse aide, or school nurse aides.

Even, different US states have their own salary structures. Few states such as California, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C. and Alaska pay a high salary to their nursing professionals, but states such as North Dakota, West Virginia, Louisiana, Idaho and Oklahoma pay low salary.

Certified Nursing Assistants also enjoy a number of attractive Benefits along with their salary. They are offered a number of medical and health Benefits and insurance, bonuses, retirement plans and overtime wages. A travel nurse aide enjoys flexible working, along with additional Benefits of traveling expenses and free accommodation.