Clean Up A Cluttered CV

  • Get clear. Define your target job and hone in on that like a heat-seeking missile. Your curriculum vitae must be focused around a specific job. This is essential to a high-performing CV.

A generic CV generates poor results. Never sit down to write a resume without a clear job target in mind. Reading your curriculum vitae shouldn’t be a treasure hunt- employers shouldn’t have to go looking for relevant information, it should be immediately apparent.

If you are hiding valuable skills and expertise in amongst useless data, you are doing yourself a disservice.

  • Cut the waffle. Don’t use 20 words when 5 will do. Don’t use ‘techno speak’ and don’t be tempted to use ‘fancy’ words for the sake of it. A great resume gets your message across, it doesn’t turn the reader off.

A curriculum vitae is a formal document, of course, but overly lengthy sentences are sure signs of a lack of focus. Not sure what to include? Include everything! Not sure what to say? Say it all! Not good advice if you want your resume to deliver results.

It isn’t a recruiter’s job to join the dots – it is your job to spell it out for them.

  • Give me some space. Make sure your curriculum vitae is beautifully presented with lots of white space. Mind your margins (that means include them) and be certain your CV scans well.

So many people seems to underestimate the importance of a visually appealing CV. But, it is important, crucial actually. Don’t assume a recruiter will pore over every word on your CV, they are busy. Chances are they will quickly scan it over, and your job is to make sure it works in that time. Good CVs are presented with this in mind.

  • Short and snappy. Keep your sentences short and snappy. Break up your content with bullet points and well chosen section breaks. Your curriculum vitae should be action orientated and engaging.
  • Edit, and then edit again. Go through your resume with a fine toothed comb, line by line. Ensure each line is relevant. Check spelling and grammar. Check your wording. How does your CV look? How’s the spacing? Have you included information that isn’t required? Phrases like ‘References available on request’ are meaningless and just take up valuable space. You want the attention to be on your skills and experience.