Charity Employment

Charity employment programmes stand by the oft-quoted line from Lao Tzu: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” By undergoing the right unemployment help programme, young people can slowly remove the building blocks that prevent them from finding a good job, and eventually find their way towards positive change.

Employment-oriented charities focus on helping each beneficiary as an individual. Their approach is not a one-shot solution to fight massive youth unemployment, but their intensive, one-to-one support provides the greatest impact to help disadvantaged young individuals fulfil their true potential. The following are some of the existing approaches that leading employment-oriented charities offer:

Build bridges. Connect unemployed young people in isolated rural areas to local opportunities for work or additional training and education. Help young people get direct contact in the business world that will lead them to avenues for employment.

Sharpen tools. Provide scholarships, free training and career advising to enhance the skills, capacities and confidence of the individual. Help can also be in the form of transportation money, financial support during the job hunt process, or even the purchase of interview outfits.

Help move out. One of the biggest stumbling blocks of out of work youths is how society perceives them. Those who are involved in gangs may drive away potential employers because of the negative connotation it brings. Youth employment programmes can provide support, therapy and training for individuals who want to get out of the gang culture and start a new life.