Careers For Moms

Vacation Organizer

The travel industry is growing and along with it are the jobs in vacation planning. Many companies offer telecommuting positions which makes the job much more convenient for mothers that still have children at home during the day. Vacation organizers work for hotels or travel agencies by coordinating vacation details for customers like hotel rooms, transportation, and entertainment. These jobs typically offer a modest base pay plus commission. Therefore, someone motivated and determined can excel at this work. Those are two words that are synonymous with most mothers.

Personal Trainer

Personal training is a very satisfying career choice if you like fitness. With many trainers making twenty dollars or more and hour the financial aspect of personal training is no issue. Within one weekend you can get your certification and start making money. If you are already a member at a gym you may want to ask management about working something out until you get your own client base. They can use your certification as a selling point to offer potential members a free or discounted training session when they sign up. Then you get the chance to turn them in to a repeat paying client. The flexibility to make your own schedule and train as many or as little clients as you want is also a nice perk for a mom. These days most gyms have a children’s room or day care program for any moms that have children too young for school.

Virtual Tutor

If you are somewhat tech savvy and have an internet connection, tutoring online could be right up your alley. Charter schools and other educational organizations contract with people who have the right training or certifications to tutor their students to make sure of the pupil’s success. You may have to spend some time in the classroom yourself to get your teaching certificate before pursuing this type of career. If you already have a four-year degree in another discipline then you can start right away as long as you are pursuing certification.