Build Coaching Success

  • Rate aspects of your coaching career from one to ten, with ten being the highest. The different aspects of your coaching career may be your client list or your alternate streams of income, which can become your passive income. Let us say that for the current year you only were able to add a few clients but were able to maintain all past clients. You may be able to give yourself a 6. For alternate streams of income, let us say that you were able to produce your DVD and participate in seminars and programs which doubled your income. You can then rate this as a 9 or even a 10..
  • Conquer your fears. We may be afraid of something and this we need to overcome. We may be scared of speaking in public or cold calling. If you are then you need to go right ahead and schedule yourself to participate in a seminar where you will speak in front of an audience. You can begin with a small group and as time goes on and your confidence grows you can then start speaking in front of larger audiences. This will definitely contribute to your coaching success.
  • Think positive. Stop being a pessimist and try to see the good things in everything. This will not only help you have a more positive outlook in life but will also lessen the stress that you encounter in your everyday life.
  • Consistently get more education. Learning is never ending. When you are a coach the knowledge you gain from your clients, from seminars and programs is never ending. It is an advantage for you to always be in the know with the new strategies and technologies present today. This will help you become a better coach and ensure your coaching success.
  • Get involved with social media. We now belong to the age where social media is a part of our everyday lives. Social media influences and reaches out to millions of people around the world. Being a part of this network allows you to reach more people and even those that are halfway around the world from you. Don’t be left out and be active with Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networks.