Build a Happy Workforce

Keep an eye on what other companies are doing and try to match their perks. One of the companies I used to work for was a soft drinks manufacturer so every day I got to drink as much soda as I wanted. I even had the chance to take home boxes of the stuff when we over produced.

Many companies today offer everything you need under one roof such as a gym, sauna and dry cleaning. It is enough to help employees get a load off their minds. Some other great perks include casual dress, having a billiards table and even offering flex fridays.

Make Sure They Love Your Company

One of the biggest mistake’s employers make is hiring staff members that do not support the company’s mission and values. Many people are hired solely for their skills and credentials and although very imortant, having a real sense of passion for the company and what it stands for is all it takes for a company to go one step further. These are the kind of employees that will go above and beyond for you and not put too much emphasis on the perks you offer.

Value Them

If you want your emplyees to be loyal to you then let them know they are valued. Everyone likes to feel special, from your spouse to your children to your pet… and even to your employee. Appreciation is a fundamental human need. People want to feel respected and valued for their contribution, so giving them the recognition, they deserve will create an outstanding employee and hence, their productivity increases.

Give Them Room to Advance

Make sure there is room for growth in the company. Just as you want your company to grow, your employees want to grow too. Human beings need to grow, otherwise we stagnate. And since we spend most of our lives at work this tends to be the area, we need the most growth. Promotions, title changes and even side-stepping positions are a good way to keeping your workforce happy.

Do Not Under Any Circumstances Micromanage

Poor management can ruin even the most passionate, hardworking and well-paid staff you have. Don’t let bad management and leadership skills ruin the drive of your workforce. Micromanaging and critisizing are the worst traits a manager can have. It pushes your good employees away and leaves the rest feeling unmotivated and unhappy.

Understand your Employees

Knowing the personality of your employees will make you understand them more. Personality test are readily available online such as Myers Briggs personality test, Finger Print for Success and Human Metrics.